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Even if you aren’t a beauty aficionado, we’re sure you have heard or at least seen the famous pink little beauty sponge that appears in almost every makeup video out there. Since its inception and meteoric rise to fame, many other brands have come out with their own versions of the famous beauty sponge that blends away makeup in an instant. However, none can hold a candle to the original and predecessor to it all. They started out with the classic pink sponge that is now iconic to the Beautyblender name. Now they have come out with several other types and versions that come in a variety of colours. Each used for a slightly different purpose, but essentially it is still a makeup sponge that is meant to soak up excess product and blend away any harsh lines.

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Beautyblender Pure is one such new reiteration of the beautyblender sponge. This time, the sponge is not made for makeup artists but aestheticians instead. The Beautyblender Pure is meant to be used in your skincare routine rather than your makeup one. It’s designed to be used with moisturizers, serums, eye creams and more. Your fingers might leave certain areas of your face more bare than other spots. Furthermore, constant tugging and rubbing of the delicate skin on your face will only help with the formation of more wrinkles. This sponge will ensure even coverage, with greater penetration and no tugging. Thus increasing the efficacy of your skincare products. Use the sponge damp before bouncing in your skincare and primers.

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Other innovations that Beautyblender are known for are their Blotterazzi and Pro Liner Designer. Blotterazzi is touch-up essential. The flat pink sponge soaks up excess oils and reblends your makeup to make sure that it stays looking flawless all day while the Pro Liner Designer makes sure that you get the perfect cat-eye every time you decide to wing it. Say goodbye to constantly restocking you oil blotter papers, this one compact is all you need and you can simply wash the sponge after for easy reuse. You can also say goodbye to uneven eyeliner wings because you can now stand a chance to win all these amazing Beautyblender innovations.

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