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Brows on fleek may be a passe statement to say in late 2017 but brows are still trending harder than ever. Gone are the days where we pluck our brows into oblivion and instead we are embracing fuller, more defined brows that frame the eyes perfectly. Even the thickest of brows or the well-endowed ‘brow-wise’ needs a little help. Be it to create a more defined shape, to neaten the hairs or even to create a more symmetrical brow look. Enter Benefit, the brow professionals to save the day.

As you may already know, Benefit takes heir brows very seriously. From their brow bars that help you both shape and fill in your brows for a newer you, to their massive brow product line that caters to every type of brow you can think of. For instance, their Foolproof Brow Powder is just as the name suggests, extremely beginner friendly with packaging that clearly shows which colour of the two-tone powder should go where. Furthemore, the powders are pigmented but easily blended for a seamless brow application.

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Their Goof Proof eye pencil has attained cult status since its release. The thicker, triangle tip makes for easy filling in for busy bees who don’t have time to carve out their brows on a regular basis. Magically, it still delivers in result due to its creamy blendable texture. Furthermore, there’re 6 shades to choose from with different undertones so there’s definitely a colour for you, no matter your hair colour. For those who suffer from more sparse brows, don’t worry! Benefit has got your back with their kaBROW cream gel formula that isn’t just uber pigmented, it’s also sweatproof and budgeproof. Comes with a brush built-in as well so that you can apply wherever you go.

Now you too can achieve the ultimate brow goals with the help of Benefit Cosmetics. We are giving away twelve (12) sets of benefit Brow Hampers worth $126 per set. Each set will include a Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder ($42), kaBROW eyebrow cream gel ($42) and Goof Proof eyebrow pencil ($42). Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to win.

Giveaway ends 6 November 2017


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