COMO the Treasury
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Perth is often less-visited compared to Melbourne and Sydney. While we can’t overlook the fresh sea breeze, beautiful views of the Western Australian coast and clear blue skies, there is something that sets it apart from its sister cities. Enter the COMO, The Treasury.

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Set inside two historic 19th century state buildings in the city’s Cathedral Square district, you can treat yourself by either exploring the splendours of the city or chill out inside the hotel. Surrounded by two restaurants, a lounge and a bar, you can indulge on a bacchanalian culinary journey. It’s no secret that COMO, The Treasury got ranked as the #2 Best Hotel in the World by Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards in 2016.

While there are a lot of options to pamper your taste buds, you must experience the ultimate meal at Wildflower, where executive chef Jed Gerrard whips up thrilling three-course meals derived from farm-fresh indigenous produce. Set inside a glassed-in rooftop, you can get killer views of the Swan River as you nosh down on the most exotic meats (i.e. kangaroo) and funky flavours (e.g. black truffle ice-cream). Revolving its menu around the six Australian seasons, you are bound to try different types of veggies, fruits, seafood and poultry. Thanks to its eclectic menu and delectable offerings, Wildflower earned the top spot as the Best Western Australian Restaurant in Australian Finanical Review. It was also awarded as the Reader’s Choice in the Australian Food Guide. If you are a diehard foodie, this culinary heaven is an offer you cannot refuse.

Photo: COMO The Treasury

If you want to go all out with your friends, you can either book a private dining room or order a picnic-ready meal if you want to dine at the beach.

BAZAAR is ready to treat you to the ultimate bed and breakfast experience in style. For two nights, you will be staying inside a Heritage Room suite, where you can watch a midnight movie and nosh on 24/7 room service. Equipped with a high-performing WiFi service, you can catch up on Instagram or chat with your friends all night long. Start your morning with breakfast at Post. Then, cap off your evening with a 3-course tasting menu and a matching wine set at Wildflower. Valued at USD $2,500, this is an offer that you cannot refuse. Valid to 30 June, 2019 (subject to availability).

como the treasury
Photo: COMO The Treasury

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