Photo: Denina Martin

Founded in 1951, Freywille has always been known for their passion and craftsmanship. For over 60 years, they have been the global leading jeweller for artistic enamel, creating unique and colourful designs that stand out by filling a niche in the luxury jewellery department. Now, Freywille has over 100 boutiques scattered all over 4 continents, spreading their love for bright, saturated hues and fine jewellery all over the world.


Freywille’s pieces are unmistakable. Each piece, be it a bangle or pendant, is meticulously designed in their signature eclectic style, turning every item into a work of art. The entire manufacturing process is executed in Vienna, at their headquarters, to make sure that the result is high quality with a great attention to detail. Hence why Freywille pieces sometimes take years to design and produce, in order to make sure that it is of the highest possible quality.

Freywille designers work closely with artist foundations to create a specific design which is later transformed into an enamel design without compromising the striking colours or any details. On top of that, 24 carat gold is incorporated into each design. Besides jewellery, Freywille adds their unique colourful touch to Gavroche making as well as perfumery. Freywille’s silk Gavroche are made of 100% Italian silk and carry their bright DNA, where each strand is fully saturated in colour. They are the perfect accessories for any sophisticate. Tie them around your neck for a chic day time look or wrap them on the handles of your favourite handbag for a bright pop of colour.

Photo: Denina Martin

BAZAAR is giving away ten (10) pieces of Freywille’s Silk Gavrouches that are worth $170 each. These exclusive Gavroche are 100% Italian silk and have Freywille’s company logo of the Sphinx in bright hues of fuschia. Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to win this luxurious accessory.

Giveaway ends 20 August 2017


 Name NRIC
Alice Yeo 0375D
Anna Lee Anda 4389M
Deborah Yong 1918F
Jace Chew 2615Z
Jacqueline Lua 5926C
Kha Yen Ong 1314F
Mirzi Sarte 7037P
Shanel Lim 8503G
Teng Yi Lee 8292I
Tjin Tan 7081E