Bella Hadid
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It’s no secret that the number one perpetrator of premature aging is the unavoidable sun and its harmful UV rays. This is especially true in tropical places like Singapore, where the sun shines for 12 hours consistently all year round. Needless to say, wearing sunblock daily is incredibly important to protect the skin from various skin problems, such as hyperpigmentation, photo-aging, cellular DNA damage, sunburn, and even skin cancer.

Even with diligent daily sunblock application, the fact is that we are still not out of the danger zone. Annoyingly, we are still prone to damage at parts of the skin where we might’ve missed. On top of that, the efficacy of sunblock diminishes with time and for it to be truly effective, there is a need to reapply throughout the day, every 2 hours or so. It’s just to much of a hassle to consistently do on a daily basis.

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Enter Heliocare and its oral supplements that contain the main active ingredient extracts from herbs called, Fernblock®. Extensive research at Harvard Medical School for more than 12 years showed that Fernblock® greatly reduces free radical damage. slows down skin-aging, increases the skin’s resistance against sunburn by up to 300% and even protects against infrared light too. So you can essentially protect your skin from the sun inside out.

Heliocare also has supplements to aid with the recovery from existing sun damage that you might already have incurred. They recently launched their second generation of the Heliocare PureWhite Radiance Max 240. The new formulation now has a hefty dose of Fernblock® for increased antioxidants and further protection from free radicals. It makes use of Heliocare’s exclusive WhiteTech Complex, which encompasses a blend of pomegranate extract, vitamin C and vitamin B3, promoting more even-toned and younger looking skin by diminishing hyperpigmentation.

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