Kevin Murphy
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Housed in the cutest pastel purple bottles, Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel range doesn’t just look fabulous displayed on your bathroom countertops but are the staples of professional dressers and celebrities. In particular those with blonde hair or coloured-hair, in general. When it comes to dyeing your hair, committing to a colour is only half the battle. After you get the desired hue for your locks, the second phase of the battle is keeping the colour intact, preventing it from getting brassy or faded. Often times the upkeep is harder with blondes as the colour is more prone to turning brassy or yellow. Hence, when you go blonde, expect to book more trips than usual to the hair salon. Perhaps a root touch-up or even an overall toning treatment may be necessary.

Kevin Murphy, as a celebrity hairstylist, has worked with countless of stars who change their hair colour as frequently as they upload selfies on Instagram. Hence, he created the Blonde Angel range specifically to prolong their hair colour in between salon appointments. The Blonde.Angel.Wash is a lavender infused, colour-enhancing sulfate-free shampoo that is packed with optical brighteners to revive a dull mane. Never too stripping and gentle for everyday use, this shampoo is also enriched with shea butter, mango seed butter and murumuru seed butter to nourish the scalp and give back to over-processed strands. A pro tip would be to leave this purple-hued shampoo on slightly longer to ensure that the lavender tones cancel out any brassiness that might be surfacing.

Kevin Murphy
Photo: Courtesy

After you wash, you have to condition. It’s especially true if you have dyed your hair. Blonde.Angel is a colour enhancing treatment you apply after shampooing, formulated to enhance cooler-tones to help knock out brassy tones. Blonde to grey hair will definitely see a difference after letting this lavender-tinted treatment sit in their hair for a few minutes. Blonde.Angel is also packed with nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, lavender extract, sunflower seed extract, brazil nut oil and linseed oil, just to name a few. The ultra hydrating formula provides compromised locks with much needed nutrients like omega 3s, biotin and niacin to ensure that your hair is looking better than ever before.

Finally, Kevin Murphy didn’t forget the finishing touches. Detangle and add extra shine and lustre to your blonde locks with Shimmer.Me-Blonde Repairing Shine Treatment for Blondes. The geometric spray bottle hold a mesmerizingly sparkling purple liquid that swirls to show multi-faceted shimmer. Spray it on damp air before styling and you’re good to go. Its blend of babassu oil and Australian fruit extracts doesn’t only impart a gorgeous shine, it locks in moisture and counteracts yellow tones even after the shower.

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Giveaway ends 16 July 2018.


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