Kim Robinson
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Goes without saying, Kimrobinson Hair Studio is one of the most premium boutique salon in Singapore. Located in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, the actual studio space screams luxury with its plush mahogany carpets, a chandelier hanging at the Grand Parlour and large leather ergonomic armchairs to sit in as their skilled hairdressers work on your tresses. Comfort is their utmost priority and they spare no expense to achieve that.

Just like a luxury hotel, Kimrobinson hair studio also offers private parlours and VIP suites for complete one-on-one service that is tailored to each individual. From cut, colour to treatments and even nail services, Kimrobinson has it covered with an experienced staff of 70 hair artists and grooming technicians. Because of that, Kimrobinson is well-known for not just the luxe experience they offer, but also their personalised services that will leave you 100% satisfied with the results. You’ll step out of the hair studio, not just with your hair on fleek, but also feeling utterly rejuvenated.

Photo: Courtesy

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Giveaway ends 15 March 2018. 


First Name Last Name Last 4 Digits of NRIC
Lillian Yong 5019A
Nicole Quah 1984Z
April Lau 3599G
Mei-An Tan 0430G
Karen Lim 7384E
Irene Lee 6099B
Erin Lee 3915Z
Nur Atiqah Saffulbharin 4733H
Carisia Chew 7036J
Ardinah Aminnudin 5846F
Joy Ou 5035A
Melanie Perera 0339A
Sok Hui Lim 8495F
Janice Ang 7746C
Esther Chew 4254Z
Yongyu Tan 2940C
Chloe Chung 0116C
Cheryle Lim 2414B
Siew Kiat How 2907G
Chuei Mei Chan 5212B