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Exercise and the gym is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. As we begin 2018, we’re all about turning over a new leaf and whipping out-of-shape bodies back to health after overindulging during the holidays. The same can be said for our face. Moyem Medical Aesthetics offers a different kind of facial treatment that is truly one of a kind. It’s time to take dull, saggy skin to the facial gym.

The Exilis Skin Gym treatments is a unique, head-to-toe treatment that aims to sculpt and lift any trouble spots or areas of concern. Be it a jawline that you wished was more defined or perhaps a bottom that is being brought down by gravity, their 3-step programme will whip them back into shape. It starts with a Warm-Up that involves skin circuit training. The skin is primed and prepped via exfoliation in order to prepare it for the activities ahead.

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Nextup is Cardio-Sculpt and yes, it’s as legit as it sounds. carefully calibrated medical grade monopolar radio frequency is transmitted to the skin and body to help boost blood circulation and encourage collagen production. Skin is toned and tighened comfortably, without any pain or invasive procedures.

Finally the Cool-Down is the last step of this “work-out” and it focusing on healing and nourishing. Micro ultrasound is used to boost lymphatic drainage whilst driving an antioxidant treatment deep into the skin layers. The result is depuffed, lifted and glowing complexion without any downtime or discomfort.

Time to start hitting the facial gym to not just get more defined jaw, face and body, but also to promote great skin health overall!

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Giveaway ends 15 February 2018.


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