Porcelain Face Spa
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Just like any living thing, your skin is growing and changing with you. Hence, it’s super important to feed and nourish the skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to regenerate and repair itself as it faces the harsh elements on the daily. If you are sticking to a skincare regime and still facing dullness and an overall lacklustre complexion, it’s time to bring out the big guns!

The Porcelain Illuminate Facial is an antioxidant rich facial that is centred around their Grape Wine Peel. The treatment starts with a 2-in-1 oxygen infusion and microdermasion that gently but effective exfoliates the skin to prepare it for the upcoming nutrients. Vinotherapy is done straight after. Their Grape Wine Peel gently renews skin while injecting it with antioxidant rich wine polyphenols that help fight radical damage. A lymphatic drainage massage helps depuff and lift tired skin. The massage is done with an Oxypulse machine that helps drive the floral essence deeper into the epidermal layers.

Porcelain Face Spa
Photo: Courtesy

Guess what? We’re not done yet! More oxygen is infused into the skin to create a radiant glow. Finally, everything is sealed in with a nourishing Porcelain Hydrocare Biocellulose Mask and a pampering shoulder massage. By the end of all that, your skin is not only radiant but also healthy. It’s fantastic before a big event or even just as a special treat for your face.

We’re giving away four (4) Porcelain Illuminate Treatments worth $425.86 at the Porcelain Face Spa. This giveaway treatment also comes with a complimentary RevitaEyes Luxx treatment and Skin Discovery, which totals up to $579.86, because we can’t forget the eyes now can we? Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to win this amazing prize.

Giveaway ends 15 February 2018. 


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