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“Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp, like plant in fertile soil.” – Rene Furterer, 1957

This simple, straightforward and universal philosophy of problem solving from the root up is what has given the French hair stylist’s hair product line an impressive longevity to progress and develop into the ultimate guru of hair care that it is today. This nature-based line of shampoos, hair oils and more were born out of the stylist’s desire to see his clientele achieve their dream looks without irreversibly damaging their scalps and tresses; something that is undeniably important to all the hair chameleons like us in this very day and age.

Thanks to a passion for all things botanical, the essence of Furterer’s approach to hair care lies in its use of 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts to nurture your hair from the scalp and out. As a pioneer of the concept of hair spas, it comes as no surprise then that its product lines are introduced as “rituals” or treatment packages that are inspired by French spa expertise and crafted to target specific hair needs that range from damage repair and to the enhancing of curls, colour and even shine. But even if there isn’t a specific area that you want to target, Rene Furterer’s 5 SENS line offers a showing of essential oils’ multi-sensory pampering capabilities that resonate’s with Furterer’s belief in the power of Mother Nature.

A aromatic and robust blend of safflower, sweet almond, avocado, castor and jojoba oil, the 5 SENS formula’s nonpareil combination of vitamins and fatty acids will nourish and bestow upon your mane and skin a unique satin-like finish and silk-like feel to the touch. Feather-light on the hair, intense in its moisturizing properties, it is truly the magic concoction every city girl needs to hair flip with a French insouciance, from the day till the night.  

So if you are looking for that all- and multi-purpose oil for the everyday, the musky-scented 5 SENS Enhancing Dry Oil softens and strengthens while rejuvenating tired skin and limp hair. The safflower oil moisturizes, while the castor oil strengthens; all this is then packed tightly into each strand by the jojoba oil so that the glow stays on all day. The light and creamy lather that is the 5 SENS Enhancing Shampoo, helps keep your ‘do fresh daily, while the 5 SENS Enhancing Detangling Conditioner melts into the tresses to welcome breezy days the worry of a tangled mess. This is a strictly plant-based line of products also has a part to play in the sustainability game – who wouldn’t want to feel, look and actually do good all at once?

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