Jason Wu
Photo: Getty

As you guys may already know, we are revving up for Singapore Fashion Week 2017 that’s just around the corner. It’s happening 26th to 28th October and the movers and shakers of Singapore’s fashion industry will be there. Find out just who they are:

Jason Wu

Jason Wu
Photo: Jason Wu

The headliner of this year’s fashion show is none other than the internationally renowned, Jason Wu. Canadian born, but New York based, he is well-known for designing dresses for ex-First Lady Michelle Obama. His designs are contemporary but with a classic flair that is the very definition of a polished woman. He will be showcasing his Spring 2018 collection at Singapore Fashion Week 2017. The collection boasts bold patterns on feminine silhouettes that politely screams spring sophisticate.


Lai Chan
Photo: Lai Chan

Showing at this year as well is LAICHAN, a local fashion designer who takes inspiration from traditional Chinese garments such as cheongsams and Qipaos and modernizes them with new techniques and his own distinct style. He merges an Asian cultural aesthetic with more modern elements, making them not only unique but wearable.


Gin Lee
Photo: Gin Lee

Chic, wearable and minimalist – These are the words we often use to describe local designer, Gin Lee’s impeccable clothing brand. Her designs echo Scandinavian minimalism as it is all about sleek lines, shapes and silhouettes that layer perfectly together. If you are looking for something that can walk off the runway and straight into your daily life, this is the brand to seek out. Yet, Gin Lee never loses intrigue and uniqueness, even with the seeming simplicity in her designs.

Ling Wu
Photo: Ling Wu

We can’t forget to accessorize at a fashion event! Local accessories designer Ling Wu will be adding the finishing touches to the Gin Lee runway show. Her luxurious bag collection merges functionality and opulent materials. Made of exotic skins such as python leather, her bags have both a classic yet modern feel about them. They give tan air of timeless sophistication that every woman aspires to be. They are the perfect arm candy to compliment Gin Lee’s clothes.


Photo: whole9yards

One of the most prominent local designers who will be showing at Singapore Fashion Week 2017. If you don’t know Whole9Yards, where have you been? Their designs capture urban femininity to a tee. Modern yet ornate, a sophisticated sort of grunge; Whole9Yards is known for their bold patterns and embroidery as well as an unconventional mixing of materials that surprisingly works. The silhouettes they create are super modern and we’re very excited to see what they have in store for the upcoming fashion week.

Now, you can stand a chance to see these amazing designer’s works live and in person at Singapore Fashion Week 2017. BAZAAR is giving away one (1) pair of tickets per show, so you can pick the designers you would like to see the most. Simply fill in the form below and pick your designer of choice.

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First Name Last Name Last 4 Digits & Alphabet of NRIC Show
Melissa Fu 1422F LAICHAN
Adabel Tan 2955Z GINLEE + LING WU
Syahira Nabila 6240E Whole9Yards
Sidney Tan 4758C Jason Wu