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Glowing skin is something that everyone can get behind, and Singaporean beauty brand Skin Inc is right there to help you attain the skin of your dreams. The brand recently introduced two new products: a customisable Serum-Infused Night Oil and the My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC+. The Serum-Infused Night Oil is packed full of antioxidants that moisturise and refine skin, while the My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC+ is a serum that helps to balance and detox your skin. Working in tandem, these two serums amp up and accelerate night recovery for your skin.

skin inc
From left: My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC+, 20ml ($98); Serum-Infused Night Oil, 20ml ($98)

If that sounds wonderful to you, we’re giving away seven (7) Skin Inc beauty sets worth $196, which includes My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC+, 20ml ($98) and Serum-Infused Night Oil, 20ml ($98). Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to win.

Giveaway ends 20 November 2017


First Name Last Name Last 4 Digits & Letter of NRIC
Charmaine Khoo 2712A
Maizurah Begum 5279F
Vionna Li 5655J
Mindy Lam 5712F
Hoe Tee Ang 0351B
Yvelynn Foo 6362B
Chelsia Chan 0984F