Photo: Sugar(ed)

We’ve been there. Waxing and hair removal can be a painful and horrifying experience. From the possibilities of ingrown hairs to painfully sore post-treatment skin, more often than not, we end up looking at waxing as a necessary evil. Enter SUGAR(ed), Singapore’s first professional body-sugaring studio to provide us with an all-natural alternative to chemical-ridden wax procedures.

So what exactly is body-sugaring? Sugaring is actually an ancient method of epilation that was used by Egyptian women since 1900BC. It is done by using 100% natural and water-soluble sugar paste to flick off and remove hair from the root. It is a less painful method of hair removal and far less toxic as everything applied to the body is of natural origin. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, thus it removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin uber smooth after the treatment. Furthermore, the sugar paste is also applied at body temperature, hence horrifying scalding experiences are flung out of the window and never made a possibility.

Photo: Sugar (ed)

This old-but-new procedure is perfect for people with sensitive skins, eczema and psoriasis especially as no harsh chemicals are involved to irritate the skin. Basically, it’s pretty much perfect for everyone and just in time for summer, we will be giving you a chance to try this treatment out.

We are giving away eleven (11) set of lower leg sugaring, underarm sugaring plus a travel kit and restore lotion. Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to win.

Giveaway ends 28th May 2017


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