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Start the year with a bang! BAZAAR is giving away a secret beauty bundle chock full of your beauty essentials. From skincare to makeup and even haircare, this bag has a wide assortment of exciting products that will be a delight to use on a daily basis. Facial creams, serums and masks… The works! The perfect surprise for any skincare addict out there, and we know there are lots of you. After all those late night partying into the new year, it’s time to soothe and nourish our neglected skin with our mystery skincare picks There’s also something for makeup lovers and hair enthusiasts too. Lippies to brighten up your complexion and hair essentials everyone needs for luscious looking locks. This mystery beauty bundle is a mish-mash of awesomeness!

If you are feeling adventurous this 2018 and want to start taking chances as per your resolution, you can start now! We are giving away ten (10) Harper’s BAZAAR Secret Beauty Bundles worth $190 each. Simply fill in the form below and stand a chance to win the mystery prize!

Giveaway ends 15 January 2018


First Name Last Name Last 4 Digits of NRIC
Cindy Lim 3067J
Peiyu Fanny Ke 1949D
Ee Shan Teo 0604F
Tanya Ng 6843C
Rohan Jayawardena 0338C
Phoebe Ng 9252Z
Sonia Khoo 0232D
Hazel Wang 5307C
Li Xin Lim 7691G
Christina Zheng 4751B