Go Behind The Scenes Of Our 2017 Fashion Shoots

Senior Fashion Editor Windy Aulia looks back to his favourite behind the scene candid snaps from the past year

2017 has been a fantastic journey in terms of fashion shoots. We drove to the Californian desert, braced the stench of a dingy Manhattan club, risked our life at the remote beaches of Australia, caught the cold in the wet forests of upstate New York, got lost in the middle of sketchy areas of Sydney, got chased out of the streets of Paris and even scored an exclusive permit to shoot inside a more-than-600-years-old palace in Florence, Italy.

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We flew hundreds of thousands of air miles. We checked in hundreds of kilograms worth of runway looks while countless other Fedex/Worldnet/UPS/DHL boxes of samples were delivered during the course of our fashion shoots’ trips.

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There were fights, tears and sweat involved. There were sleepless nights and endless discussions with the photographers and producers, hair person and makeup artists; through Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, you name it, across different time zones and continents.

All in the name of fashion shoots.

Other than that, behind the scene of fashion shoots in 2017 were also filled with joy and laughter and the occasional silly antics. And more importantly, they have carved interesting memory that were sometimes got edited out from the glossy pages of our magazine. So do enjoy these candid snaps of  Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore fashion shoots from the past year. And here’s to many more in 2018!

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