This video was specially produced in collaboration with Bulgari

harpers bazaar most stylish women 2017 june goh rin singapore

What is your first memory of fashion?
That would be my grandmother. She was the most fashionable person in her day! According to my mum, she won best-dressed competitions. My grandmother had a fantastic eye and she was very adventurous. She was ahead of her time. She had these beautiful Dior costume jewellery and her cheongsams were out of this world.

Can you describe your style for us?
I don’t have a specific style. I think there are so many roles we play; and it’s always different, depending on the occasion. Because of the nature of my work, I have to look classic, elegant and conservative. That would mean I’m mostly decked out in midi dresses and suits. In other situations, I like to let my imagination run wild such as over-the-top glitter knee-high boots with a classic skirt suit.

How have your shopping habits changed over the years?
I think very hard now before I buy something. I disagree with the current “throw-away” generation where seasons change very quickly and things don’t have any longevity. We discard too many things. It’s a lot of wastage. I enjoy buying things that I can bring out years later and they still look contemporary. I love great workmanship and fabrics.

In your opinion, how does one age gracefully?
I don’t think it should be about ageing. Age is but a number. There’s a saying I came across in a magazine and I felt it was very appropriate. To summarise: It’s not the age, but the lifestyle you lead at that particular point in your life. We mustn’t let ourselves be labelled or defined by anything.

harpers bazaar most stylish women 2017 june goh rin singapore

June stands tall in these iconic heels from Louis Vuitton’s fall/ winter 2009 collection. Gold and diamond Serpenti necklace; gold and diamond Serpenti bracelet, Bulgari

Photographer: Darren Gabriel Leow; Stylist: Windy Aulia; Makeup and hair: Grego, Nikki Fu/Indigo Artisans using YSL Beauty, Manisa Tan/PaletteInc using La Biosthetique, Toni Tan using M.A.C

bazaar most stylish women 2017