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Call it the Netflix effect but there has never been a time when the glitz and glamour of film was more accessible than it is today. Everything is watchable on your phone, your tablet, your computer or laptop screen — you don’t even have to walk to the telly. Which makes the whole magic of the cinema — buying a ticket, getting popcorn and cosying up to your loved one as the lights go down — that much more special.

I, for one, love the experience of going to the cinema. When the large screen comes on and it lights up your loved one’s profile, it’s simply magical. The anticipation in their eyes, that smile when they snatch a glimpse of you sideways and squeeze your hands mid-way through the show — all unsaid, all silent… that’s special. You don’t get that experience except in the cinema.

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Our cover star Takeshi Kaneshiro is my kindred spirit. Like me, he will only watch a movie on a big screen — out of respect for the production team who put in their blood, sweat and tears to make a movie look as good as it possibly can. And to truly see the effects, you need that wide screen and surround sound. Get our issue to hear what Asia’s eternal heartthrob has to say about acting and working with Wong Kar-Wai (the Hong Kong legend who heavily influenced director Barry Jenkins on his Oscar-winning film, Moonlight).

On our home front, we shot five leading men who have made a mark on our screens and to an extent, our lives. From Firdaus Rahman who kept the Cannes audience at the edge of their seats in The Apprentice, to the legendary Lim Kay Tong who has acted alongside Sean Penn and Claire Danes, these handsome, powerful men have made us laugh, love and shed a tear. They share their journey to red carpet stardom while decked in the season’s latest designs. After all, what is an A-list actor if he doesn’t look the part on and off screen?

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—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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On Takeshi Kaneshiro: Blazer; top, Giorgio Armani. Photography: Chen Man. Styling: Yoshiyuki Shimazu. Grooming: Man Yun Ling (makeup) and Matt Chau (hair). Production: Song Fei. Planning: Wilson Huang. Design: Jiang Nan

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