Silvia Teh #Unbreakable
Silvia Teh #Unbreakable

As the winner of the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Designer Award in 2015, Silvia Teh has already proved she’s #Unbreakable, which is exactly what her second collection is all about. Inspired by strong, resilient and courageous women who stand up for what they believe in and are not afraid to act on it, #Unbreakable offers up an range of sharp silhouettes paired with jet black to enhance the masculine edge of the collection. Here, BAZAAR spoke exclusively to Silvia about her latest collection and how her career has changed as a result of winning the NewGen award.

What was the inspiration behind your second collection, #Unbreakable?

It was inspired by strong, empowered women who are not afraid to relentlessly pursue their dreams. These are the women I’ve always wanted to become and they motivate me to get back up regardless of any tough situations I’m put in. I want to inspire and empower women of all ages to chase their dreams. I see my designs as a type of “armor” for these women warriors. The concept of my new collections is to instill a sense of confidence and self-assurance in the women wearing them, preparing them for the battles that lie ahead in the pursuit of those dreams

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

The one shoulder peplum top is my favorite piece because it is a top I can wear everyday, regardless of occasion. The padded shoulder gives me a sense of power and confidence to fight my everyday battles.

Silvia Teh #Unbreakable
Silvia Teh #Unbreakable

Your brand centers around the concept of masculine femininity. What does that mean to you and how do you meld the two ideas together?

Masculine femininity is a state where women can celebrate the idea of power and independence without losing the poise and grace of a woman. Instead of women having to dress like a man to strike a balance between their femininity and masculinity, I meld both concepts by using fabrics that are commonly used for menswear and infusing subtle menswear details onto women’s’ clothing (e.g. the men’s’ shirt sleeves and cuff details).

How did winning the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Designer Award in 2015 impact your career?

Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen has definitely opened up many doors and opportunities for me even from the get go. I would say my biggest takeaway is the valuable advice I got from the judges because they have helped me to find my voice and shaped the identity of my brand today.

Silvia Teh #Unbreakable
Silvia Teh #Unbreakable

To find out more about Silvia Teh visit her website here or catch her at the Boutique Fairs Spring/Summer 2019 edition which is happening from 29 to 31 March 2019.

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