Rena Kok and Zoey Zhao
Finalists from the NewGen local judging, Rena Kok and Zoey Zhao

The stakes are high for the newest crop of designers from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam who are in the running for the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award 2019. Get to know the creative minds and inspirations behind the collections that will be presented at the upcoming NewGen fashion show.

Dea Yuliana, Indonesia

Dea Yuliana NewGen 2019

Dea Yuliani was inspired by her own personal experiences, and the philosophy and aesthetic principles of Living Wabi Sabi by Taro Gold. Her collection, Imperfect Portraiture, conveys a quiet refinement and elegant simplicity rendered in structured fabrics such as cotton and linen, as well as minimalist silhouettes. Rich motifs, abstract impressions and textural elements are a result of employing batik remekan, a batik technique that exposes crack lines from which wax has peeled off during the dyeing process.

Kelly Vallerie, Indonesia

Kelly Vallerie NewGen 2019

Taking cues from the once popular and elusive freak shows, Kelly Vallerie’s Freaks SS20 collection showcases asymmetric pieces that can be combined to form multi-functional garments. Embroidered patches, deconstructed elements, and a muted palette of black and earthy tones are key features of this transformative collection.

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Rena Kok, Singapore

Rena Kok NewGen 2019

Within the realms of questioning reality, Prequel is a continuation from Rena Kok’s 2019 F/W collection, To Be Continued. Her technology-led collection—complete with designs that feature Augmented Reality (AR)—is a tribute to the innocent minds of the youths, symbolically a gift for the past from the present.

Zoey Zhao, Singapore

Zoey Zhao NewGen 2019

Zoey Zhao’s Concrete Jungle merges architecture, sculpture and fashion, which translates in the form of cut-outs, contrasting fabrics and and interesting shapes. The collection serves as a commentary on the chaos and confusion of modern life.

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Pornchanok Rittikong (Ice), Thailand

Ice Pornchanok NewGen 2019

Ice Rittikong drew inspiration from the growing popularity of drag culture in Thailand, and experimented with the colours, ornaments and silhouettes of drag costumes. A trip to India led to her discovery of the Hijras, a group of transgenders believed to have the power to bless in Hindu rituals, and she decided to meld both cultures in her collection⁠—a flamboyant lineup comprising casual to party wear.

Boonsong Thaodee (Ken), Thailand

Ken Boonsong NewGen 2019

Aptly naming his collection Travelling Light, Ken Boonsong envisioned a practical woman on the move, free of possessions; a woman searching for spiritual balance, not tethered to places and people. His vision was translated into feminine yet functional garments inspired by vintage couture pieces, utilitarian travel wear and light raincoats.

Hoang Minh Ha, Vietnam

Hoang Minh Ha NewGen 2019

Hoang Minh Ha’s Memory is centered around moving shapes in architecture and space; an exploration of movements, surface materials and 3D building techniques. The collection features an all-white palette and contrasting materials such as organza, taffeta, satin and technical fabrics.

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Le Hoang Son, Vietnam

Le Hoang Son NewGen 2019

Titled The Nocturnal Collection, Le Hoang Son took inspiration from the concept of nocturnal women, captivated by the night and comforted by its dark beauty. The nocturnal persona is romantic and feminine on one hand, and powerful and edgy on the other. This duality comes through with the combination of historical influences from both the East and West.

Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award’s official makeup partner is NARS and official hair partner is Toni&Guy.

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