BAZAAR NewGen 2023 Advisorship

(left to right) Windy Aulia, Creative Director of Harper's BAZAAR Singapore, Leong Jia Yin, Verina Lie, Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief of Harper's BAZAAR Singapore, Vanessa Lim, General Manager of Communications at CHANEL Singapore, Alison Oh, Lim Su Hui, Feliony Faustine, To Guan Yu.Photo: Navin Pillay

Now in its tenth year, the Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Award has been dedicated to uplifting and spotlighting emerging fashion talents. Not only does the competition present the finalists with a chance to showcase their creativity through a runway show, it also provides a platform for them to rub shoulders with, and gain mentorship from, industry professionals.

As part of a month-long advisorship programme with CHANEL Singapore, experts and insiders alike came together to share their knowledge, insights and tips with the finalists of the Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Award 2023 competition. With the aim of equipping students with the skills to tackle different facets of the business of fashion, the masterclasses touched on the areas of branding and marketing, social media strategy and content management, styling and visual merchandising, as well as grooming. The finalists also had a chance to ask burning questions and were provided with relevant materials for reference.

From insightful sessions on engaging stakeholders and clients to presenting themselves in the best light with useful demonstrations, find out the designers’ biggest takeaways from the competition and read more about the areas of advisorship ahead.

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Styling & Visual Merchandising

BAZAAR x CHANEL Singapore Advisorship Styling
Photo: Kelly See

Whether it’s styling a capsule collection, taking a closer look at boutique design or strategies to enhance the customer experience, the finalists picked up invaluable tips on creating captivating and customer-centric experiences.

“My biggest takeaway from this competition is learning how to run a fashion retail business, specifically in visual merchandising, as I learnt how to style my pieces better to attract customers.” — Leong Jia Yin

Branding & Marketing

At the branding and marketing session, the designers discovered the importance of brand identity, creativity and originality. They acquired skills on developing their core message, identifying a target audience, engaging and retaining clients; and also gained an understanding of the different modes of communication.

“The most valuable takeaway for me from this competition is the marketing sessions that we did, because they taught me how to market my brand in an effective way.” — Feliony Faustine

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Social Media Strategy & Content Management

BAZAAR x CHANEL Singapore Advisorship Social Media
Photo: Kelly See

Joe Tan, Social Media Manager at Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, covered the importance of developing a social media strategy to help drive brand awareness and returns of investment, and the benefits of adopting suitable strategies for platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Examples of social media strategies referencing international and local fashion brands were shared before delving into social media strategy, understanding why content management is crucial, and how to grow and nurture an audience across social media platforms.

“My most memorable takeaway from this experience is learning what it takes for a fashion start-up to succeed.” — Lim Su Hui


BAZAAR x CHANEL Singapore Advisorship Grooming
Photo: Kelly See

Professional grooming and deportment play pivotal roles when it comes to building confidence and leaving a lasting impression. The designers learnt to present the best version of themselves through skincare, makeup and fragrance, and honed their business presentation skills to strengthen their abilities to market their labels.

“My biggest takeaway from joining this competition is that I learned how to present myself better through the grooming session.” — Verina Lie

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