michelle lee charlotte tan youtiao666

This hilarious duo (@youtiao666) exploded onto the social media sphere after their Dubsmash (a lip sync app) videos went viral in 2015. Their most famous — a clip of them mimicking car sirens — has racked up over a hundred million views. Nothing’s been able to stop them since. Not even clients, who prefer the pair’s no-holds-barred, iPhone-shot videos over perfectly edited campaigns (which they are just as proficient at), produced with unexpected plot twists and a wicked sense of humour.

How would you describe yourselves as content creators?

Charlotte (C): Woke. Dank. Funny. I feel like we are opening up Singapore’s comedy scene because prior to us, it wasn’t very stimulating.

Michelle (M): I think we’ve designed a space on the Internet and social media where we can express ourselves and welcome others who share the same attitude and beliefs to join us. It’s a union of Singaporeans who aren’t afraid to recognise we know nothing but strive to be informed and are not shy to be opinionated.

How have your social media personas and fame changed your lives?

M: We just got significantly richer. But it’s not enough. I’m still poor. I’ve always had a close group of friends so nothing much has changed. But I definitely want to be so rich to the point where I don’t have to pretend to be grounded anymore and I can be rude to everyone.

C: Nothing has changed. My boyfriend still pays no attention to me.

What are your career goals at this point?

M: We are already in the works of building a new media platform. Charlotte and I intend to go into makeup and the rest will be building new personalities and doing more creative behind-the-scenes work.

Why the name youtiao666? And where can we find the best youtiao in the world?

M: The best youtiao in the world is definitely from Rochor Original Beancurd. It was the place where I first hung out with Charlotte after school. I think I fell in love with her then.

C: The name came up when we were brainstorming for an Instagram account name. And because of our history and how ridiculous it would sound as a name, we thought it made sense. The “666” is open to your own interpretation. But don’t worry, we are not here to spread some occult message!

By Gerald Tan and Dana Koh
Photographed by Gan
Styled by Windy Aulia
Hair and Makeup: Manisa Tan/PaletteInc using La Biosthetique and Urban Decay, Grego using Shu Uemura, Leny/PaletteInc using La Biosthetique
Assistant stylist: Gracia Phang
Fashion intern: Abielle Yeo