Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

There are so many women worth mentioning and so many others to write paragraphs on, but the person I seem to gravitate more and more towards is Rosa Parks – a woman who decided that enough is enough and chose to make her stand by remaining seated. It was a small act of defiance that came to symbolise so much more and reminds me constantly that small acts can have great impact; so never stop undertaking them.

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

Windy Aulia, Senior Fashion Editor

I will recite the speech I gave in Primary 6 for my public speaking test: I admire Mother Teresa for her selflessness. It takes tremendous courage and commitment to dedicate yourself to the betterment of others, a trait that makes her a very special person in my opinion.”

Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Together with her late husband, Daphne Sheldrick raised and successfully rehabilitated many wild species—particularly elephants, which are often the victims of poachers. Through deep empathy, compassion, and in-depth animal psychology, she continues her work with animals, and educating the public about them. There’s so much we can and should learn from animals and the women who love them.
“They, who have suffered so much at the hands of humans, never lose the ability to forgive, even though, being elephants, they will never be able to forget.” – Daphne Sheldrick, An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants

Annabelle Fernandez, Sub Editor

It was tough trying to narrow it down to just one woman because I’m inspired by different women for different things – Iris Apfel for showing us #oldisgold, Hillary Clinton for her grace and strength even in defeat, Chloë Sevigny for her fearless style. But I have to give my vote to the OG, Diana Vreeland, who blended all of the above into one inimitable icon whose individuality, ideas and legacy live on, long after she’s gone.

Pakkee Tan, Associate Digital Editor

I’ve always been fascinated with Jane Goodall’s story since I was young, and watching her documentary, Jane, has left me inspired by her work and lifelong dedication to science, chimpanzee research and the preservation of the natural world.

Dana Koh, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Emily Weiss is #GOALS on so many levels. The 32 year old went from fashion magazine intern and stylist, to creator of Into the Gloss, the beauty blog that has evolved into one of the world’s top all-encompassing beauty portals. Then, there’s the part where she went on to disrupt the beauty industry by launching cult beauty brand, Glossier, which produces affordable, high-quality and Instagram-worthy skincare and makeup that address the genuine needs and wants of her readers and followers—real women who Weiss continues to listen to and create beauty solutions for. Glossier has just been valued at about US$300 million. Beauty, brains and making major bank—the ultimate millennial millionaire girl boss.

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Joyce Cheo, Senior Beauty Writer

While many women count Coco Chanel’s bold and revolutionary vision in fashion as an inspiration, her approach to beauty is what strikes me the most. As a lover of fragrances, I am constantly amazed at the transformational power a perfume has. It’s almost as if a woman has the ability to be who she wants to be and play a different role as she changes her perfume. Which is why I couldn’t agree more with this quote of hers, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”.

Hanan Haddad, Writer

When I think of inspiring women, so many come to mind. From Mindy Kaling to Rihanna, so many powerful women inspire me everyday. But if I had to pick just one, Emma Watson is certainly someone I aspire to be. For someone my age, her success and poise is undeniable. Though many were worried that she would go the usual “self-destructive” child star route, Emma took the high road. She became an advocate for education, particularly for girls, who in some countries today are still denied this basic right. She also raises awareness on sustainability and environmental issues, leading through example by using and sharing eco-friendly brands on @the_press_tour – on top of being a public speaker for women’s rights and being a badass feminist. Emma doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.