Is fashion finally gaining a conscience? Not one driven by trends or the need to appear inclusive, but propelled by a sincere desire to be socially, environmentally and politically correct. The language of fashion has changed so radically from where it once was.

With women in the highest positions of power, be it in the government, technology, fashion or science sectors, today, it’s about a woman’s right to dress according to her needs and wants, without being judged by others. BAZAAR has always been about inclusivity—about placing the person before the cause; and the individual before skin colour. On that note, Associate Creative Director Windy Aulia embraces the new season’s offerings by blurring the lines and showcasing fashion that is not defined by one’s sex. See the marvellous shoot on page 128.

Then, read what Associate Fashion News Editor, Gerald Tan, has to say about sustainable fashion on page 56. He talks at length about how the industry is taking responsibility for the toxic waste and by-products that come with making that pretty silk dress. Or how designers and multi-million dollar companies are addressing this in real and measurable ways. There’s also a push by jewellery brands to source and mine their precious materials ethically and sustainably; and how consumers are embracing “intelligent luxury” by purchasing pre-loved fashion to lengthen the life of designer goods beyond the wait-list cycle.

For a fresh take on bridal, turn to Carine Roitfeld’s “Portrait of a Bride” on page 105, which showcases the best of couture for a diverse range of brides who are anything but blushing. Or, if streetwear is more your cup of tea, there’s fashion’s buzziest collab, Pharrell and Chanel, on page 122. The music maestro worked closely with the late Karl Lagerfeld for a collection that celebrates fashion’s upbeat, ’90s hip-hop style once again with loads of bling and streetwear in bright pops of colour. After a hard day of fighting for the environment and diversity, our weather-beaten bodies need some TLC too. Flip to page 96 for the most comprehensive list of beauty from A to Z. Expect more potions and lotions than you’d find in a wizard’s lair, with promises (and delivery)of healthy skin, glowing complexions and a recharged body. Love yourself as you love the world. There’s no better elixir for life than that.

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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