Fancl Daily Care Series
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Designed to help your skin regain its optimal health, FANCL‘s newly revamped Daily Care Series boasts an upgraded formula with improved benefits. De-stressing and calming, the new formula promises to combat the damage caused by external aggressors that your skin is exposed to during the day. It also contains a restorative infusion of Evening Primrose extract, Fresh Moist Collagen, Moisturizing Phospholipid and Pore Refining Citrus Aurantium extract to restore, rehydrate and refine.

Photo: Courtesy

FANCL Moist Refine Lotion & Emulsion

The Moist Refine Lotion is packed with hydrating ingredients such as Moisturizing Phospholipid & Jojoba Seed Oil for radiant, dewy and healthy-looking skin; while the Moist Refine Emulsion‘s Pore Refining Citrus Aurantium Extract prevents dryness by deeply hydrating the skin’s surface and correcting visible pores and unevenness. The improved formula calms and hydrates even the most sensitive skin types while strengthening and facilitating its intercellular lipid formation, locking in moisture for healthier skin.

FANCL Enrich Lotion & Emulsion

The Enrich Lotion and Enrich Emulsion together reinforces collagen to enhance elasticity and firmness. Key ingredients include the Evening Primrose Extract that targets damaged collagen and regenerates new collagen to maintain smoothness, as well as FANCL’s new proprietary Hydrolysed Collagen α, which penetrates deep inside the skin to deliver lasting effects so as to improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

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