It’s always a tricky thing to talk about ageing. So much time, money and effort spent at aestheticians and doctors’ offices, not to mention the vitamins, supplements and anti-ageing potions we take or slather on, all in the pursuit of that elusive fountain of youth. If you, like me, fight the daily fight against gravity and wrinkles, then our annual Spa Awards will be a godsend: It’s the ultimate guide to the most pampering, age-defying and youth-imparting treatments and programmes to have you looking and feeling on top of the world. Turn to page 74 to see how you can battle the odds Father Time has stacked against us. But before you start thinking of the scalpel and needle as lifesavers, read our piece, “Old or Weird?” on page 104. The last thing you want to do is drastically alter your face and emerge with a trout pout or a mien that resembles a lioness. Take a moment to think of the women (and men) who’ve had cosmetic surgery done and you’ll know what I mean.

One lady I’ve worked with many times, and whom I now call a friend, is our cover star, Cindy Crawford. I marvel at how spirited and youthful she looks in our cover shoot on page 108. I’ve shot and featured Cindy on our cover three times; the first took place more than 15 years ago, when she was 38, for our December 2005 issue. Of that first encounter, Cindy says, “I remember doing my first cover for Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore. I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and had arrived to shoot at Carcosa Seri Negara, a beautiful colonial hotel. I instantly connected with Kenneth Goh, the Editor-in-Chief, as well as Simon Upton, the photographer. It was such an elegant story.” In this issue, the 53-year-old recounts some special moments with her family, talks in depth about who her heroes are, and how much she loves being at the forefront of daughter Kaia Gerber’s supersonic modelling career. Cindy still wears fashion so beautifully, and with the revival of everything from 19th-century panniers to ’90s slip dresses, could we see yet another comeback? Read our trend report on page 42 to get the low-down on “Vision 2020”.

Perhaps nostalgia has even seeped into my professional life. The last six months has seen me sharing a lot more on social media, with videos and photos of me and my mother, Teresa Ooi. As the saying goes, the apple never falls far from the tree, so it’s no surprise that I followed in her footsteps and became a journalist. In her 60s, she still writes and edits today with a skill and a flair for words that I marvel at. And don’t even get me started on her youthful looks—the result of a daily regime of exercise, brisk walks, stretching, and a healthy diet of fish and vegetables. No fillers, no botox, nothing has been done to her face or body, except what good food, daily exercise and God has provided. Watch our chats in a special series titled Peranakan Diaries, which sits both on our website and my Instagram. It is precious moments like these that make me realise that relationships are what we all strive for. If Mum can be that fabulous at every age, there’s hope for me still.

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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Photographer: Yu Tsai
Stylist: Deborah Afshani /The Wall Group
Makeup: Rachel Goodwin/Streeters
Hair: John Ruggiero/The Wall Group
Manicure: Christina Aviles/Star Touch Agency
Photographer’s assistants: Jaime Kang, Calvin Mendez, Danya Morrison
Styling assistant: Kristen Layne Alvarez