November 2021 20th anniversary Stef sun cover
Outfit: Louis Vuitton. Artwork: Kelly Limerick (Photo: Gan)

Celebrating 20 years of style, design, art, beauty, lifestyle and, of course, fashion, this issue marks a significant milestone for Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore. Not only are we out of our teenage years, but we have grown, matured and pivoted substantially over two decades. So much has changed in the world of publishing, but we’ve stayed true to our core, which is a high-fashion glossy for the well-dressed woman with a well-dressed mind.

When BAZAAR Singapore started her journey in 2001, the Y2K bug was still fresh in our minds. We had no website or any social media channels. Everything was directed at print. I came in as Fashion Director two years after the title was launched in Singapore. Having trained at another Hearst title for a few years, I had a formula that worked. But BAZAAR is an altogether different beast—154 years of fashion (the world’s longest fashion magazine history) is a lot to digest and cohesively construct to make sense for the Singapore audience. The thread that runs throughout? Glamour, which has always been at the heart of the magazine.

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November 2021 20th anniversary Stef sun cover
Outfit: Miu Miu. Jewellery: Cartier. Artwork: Ashley Yeo (Photo: Gan)

Twenty years ago, glamour was such a coveted word in fashion, what with John Galliano at the helm of Dior and McQueen at Givenchy. Karl Lagerfeld was busy building bigger and more grandiose shows for Chanel and Marc Jacobs was suddenly thrust into the limelight at Louis Vuitton. And this was all reflected in the fashion campaigns and pages of the magazines. BAZAAR has always stood out for its crisp, clean lines and a fastidious attention to graphic details. I learned this quickly, and added a sense of drama, copious accessories and lots of flashy metal all around. But I wanted more: To imbue it with an extra visual narrative. So, I dreamed up romance, intrigue and a visual storyline that played out like a mini movie across the fashion pages. I brought in some of the region’s best photographers and also trained our own. I wanted to show Singapore at its best, to capture our unique blend of cultures with their ancient traditions with the very best fashion. I’ve always believed that fashion should coexist with reality, but amped up with high-octane glamour.

November 2021 20th anniversary Stef sun cover
Outfit: Chanel. Artwork: Tiffany Loy. (Photo: Gan)

Twenty years down the road, and I’m so proud of the institution that BAZAAR has become and how firmly embedded we are in Singapore’s fashion landscape. We were the official media partner for Asia’s Next Top Model when it launched back in 2012; we connect with emerging design talents through our annual competition, the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award; and our BAZAAR Academy works with art and fashion schools in Singapore to introduce international brands and savoir faire to the young minds with an eye on becoming the next big thing in their chosen creative paths. We continue to engage with everyone through different channels: Social media, our website and, of course, our beloved print magazine. We are always with you every step of the way—as your best friend, your shopping guide, your spirit animal, your confidant. And we’ve just turned 20—we’re Gen Z! An exciting journey lies ahead—stay on course with us. I promise it’s going to be fun!

Editor-in-chief: Kenneth Goh
Creative Direction and Styling: Windy Aulia
Fashion: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu
Jewellery: Cartier
Photography: Gan
Makeup: Clarence Lee
Hair: Dexter Ng
Manicure: Krystal Leong
On-site producer: Vanessa Loo
Photographer’s assistants: Samsidi Baderi; Kelvin Keak; Loy Kok Wee
Assistant stylist: Gracia Phang
Additional assistance: Nadia Lim
Featuring art from: Kelly Limerick, Tiffany Loy and Ashley Yeo