Automobili Lamborghini x Harper’s BAZAAR Virtual Fashion Voyage

Always in the forefront of innovation and trends, Italian super sports car producer, Automobili Lamborghini has collaborated with Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore for a special virtual fashion experience together with Singapore designer Lai Chan on 4 March 2021. Titled 2021: Fashion Odyssey, this special partnership underscores innovation in the Singapore fashion industry.

In a special live chat moderated by Angelique Teo, senior presenter at ONE FM 91.3, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Kenneth Goh, together with Lamborghini’s Regional Director of Automobili Lamborghini APAC Francesco Scardaoni, as well as Lai Chan chat about how the collaboration came to be, the inspiration behind the collection and how the Extended Reality format show idea came about.

Below, some highlights from the conversation.

On how this collaboration idea came about…

Francesco Scardaoni, APAC Region Director, Automobili Lamborghini

Francesco: Lamborghini, as Designer of Experiences, is a brand where creativity is endless, and everyone can express their own personality.
This is evident with the Lamborghini Ad Personam Programme, where each car is unique, configured to the customers’ preference, showcasing their mood, and style. Our customers can choose the materials, colours, to create their desired car interior, just like designing a dress. It is amazing that the attention to detail and the craftsmanship is similar in the creation of unique fashion pieces, and the art of making.

Collaborating with Harper’s BAZAAR, the leader in fashion will further strengthen this vision. And Lai Chan was able to create stylish pieces that bring out the uniqueness and emotions. Therefore, when the collaboration idea surfaced, we saw the opportunity to bring fashion and super sports cars together.

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On why the Huracán Evo RWD the main focus of this collaboration…

Francesco: The Huracán EVO RWD is not only a visceral driving machine but also an instinctive driver’s car and the purest example of connection where you interact with the machine through physical contact and the senses. 

What better way to showcase the V10 super sports car’s capability in amplifying emotions than through this unique collaboration and virtual presentation where we invite our guests and viewers to rewind to their senses and rediscover themselves.

On the design inspiration behind this special eight-piece capsule collection…

Kenneth Goh (Photo: Phyllicia Wang)

Kenneth: When we have decided on the concept and having Lai Chan to design this collection, there was this explosion of western ideals running through my head where the feminine styles of Lai Chan can be put against.

Determined proportions, clear contours, precise lines and pure surfaces are characteristics of Automobili Lamborghini’s design reduced to its very essence. 

The sharp lines are accompanied by sensuous curves, smooth surfaces are contrasted with textured textiles, understated designs are ramped up with statement colours in this collection. This collection is designed for strong, empowered women in all their multi-faceted and contrary beauty. 

Using striking and bold hues to go with each look, signifies the wide variety of colours available for unique types of customers is something that is very much part of Lamborghini’s DNA. 

Lai Chan: The conversation got me excited when BAZAAR shared the concept of Fashion Odyssey where I can journey through from the east to the west and free to reinterpret the cheongsam in a different way. That means, I can stay true to my style and passion.

Fashion designer Lai Chan

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Automobili Lamborghini x Harper’s BAZAAR Virtual Fashion Voyage

On how the Extended Reality format show idea came about…

Francesco: At Lamborghini, we position ourselves as trendsetters, constantly looking to develop new trends and new ways of experiences. We wanted everyone who was viewing the virtual fashion show to be able feel the emotions and be immersed in each scene. Merging the experience of virtual reality and dreams together was made possible with XR.

The idea was to take viewers on a virtual journey or voyage, just like how the Huracán EVO RWD delivers pure, unfiltered driving excitement for the driver.

We are moving to an era where women can buy a super sports car by themselves—they have the power to do it. We also saw a 10 per cent increase of female drivers/customers for our new model launches. Steering away from the conventional mindset, we wanted to portray this power and freedom in this capsule collection; showing the pure emotions are what women can expect from a super sports car of the future.

The concept illustrates a journey over eight looks and each outfit is about a woman exploring various contrasts of her inner and outer self, eventually achieving perfect balance as she returns to her origins, taking full control.

For example, at the beginning, we start off with the theme of Familiarity and Rediscovery.  Here, the Huracán EVO RWD represents the intersection of all that is new and exciting while reclaiming control and the familiarity of a collective and intrinsic desire of humans to explore.

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Automobili Lamborghini x Harper’s BAZAAR Virtual Fashion Voyage

On the key takeaway of this 2021: Fashion Odyssey virtual show…

Kenneth: It’s respect and acknowledgement of our history and our past and adapting it to today’s digital and technological world. Today, we see XR in the modern/digital age and the ability to translate fashion in so many varied forms. 

We have seen the evolution of magazines as a brand from print to digital to social media and now to XR. We are all about embracing the future and about the ability to engage audiences.