The pretty girl on the cover with the “millennial pink” hair probably best represents all the hype and chat about the digital era. This taupe/blush/flesh shade has invaded every corner of our global tonal perspective over the past year or so, becoming as ubiquitous as churros with a side of chocolate sauce. Yet no one wears the colour better than Irene Kim, of the @ireneisgood handle.What is the appeal of this Korean Instagram superstar? Gerald Tan discovers that there’s a lot more to this beauty and fashion icon than meets the rose-tinted eye. The teenage school runaway and social misfit struggled with cultural differences when she moved to Seoul from the USA.

Having lived most of my formative years in London, this is something I totally relate to. Having to come back for National Service, and not being able to drop my British accent, made life hell for me. I quickly learnt that a “lor”, “lah” or “leh” was the fastest (albeit tres #basic) way to gain social acceptance within your troop. Today, thanks to social media, universal slang words and Valley Girl accents have spread across youth from Seoul to Singapore like wildfire. My office is littered with viral catchphrases that are in one day, and out the next. Everyone sounds like an extra from Keeping Up with the Kardashians — one of whom is in this issue. Kendall Jenner opens up about her life as a social media darling, supermodel and daughter to Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. Probably the most successful model right now (along with her BFF Gigi), Jenner has spent her entire life in front of the camera. At 21 years old, she already has the worldly experience of someone three times her age.

Our feature on the digital leaders of Singapore — across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and retail — are also millennial success stories, with several not past age 25 themselves. We can learn a lesson or two from them — how they have used their talent, beauty and the art of self-promotion to make their voices and businesses heard, seen and successfully crowdfunded.

And don’t miss an exclusive look at a day in the life of Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper Girl), the cover star of BAZAAR‘s last digital issue. Nicole has become a friend, and at 28 years old, is a testament to how life is all about balance. She talks candidly about her success on social media, what advice she would give her younger self today and how she switches her phone off after dinner. I mean, if she can do that, then everyone else can, right?

P.S. Irene has since changed her hair colour to mauve… ?

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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