alessandra ambrosio

Today, while the rest of the human population is busy picking up tinsel and Christmas trim, we in publishing are well into the next year—planning March and April covers, and fashion shoots in far-flung places around the world. It’s a very odd existence we live in. A twilight zone of constantly planning for the future, but when it comes down to it, we are the worst procrastinators. I, for one, always leave everything to the last minute, and find myself wondering why I didn’t plan for my own Christmas earlier.

This January, I aim to take a bit of BAZAAR’s advice for myself. In an issue dedicated to all things cool, happy and sunny, read the feature about the 17 things/people/places you should be buying, watching and visiting for 2017. I feel I am now equipped to spout clever bon mots about everything au courant and à la mode.

Executive Editor, Charmaine Ho, talks about the key gems and jewels you should be toting to help energise your horoscope for the year on page 86. Being a Leo, green tourmaline is my designated gem and she guarantees it will inspire creativity, and bring me good luck and success.

That’s the mind and soul sorted, so let’s work on the body. There is no better mentor for that than the 35-year-old Angel on our cover — Alessandra Ambrosio. Mother to two gorgeous kids, her dedication to keeping that body perfectly sculpted is testament to what discipline and, of course, an envious gene pool can do for you — read what she has to say about her fabulous life and how Singapore came up tops with her seven million-plus fans on Instagram.

alessandra ambrosio
Photographed by Yu Tsai

Onto a subject that’s very close to my heart — the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award 2016. We hosted the regional awards during Singapore Fashion Week, and the eventual winner from Indonesia, William Utama, wowed everyone with his brilliant blend of street fashion with luxe fabrics. Focusing on marketing, promotion, design and a good business plan, Utama showed great promise and is well-deserving of his $20,000 prize money and scholarship to a Master’s programme at Istituto Marongoni. Check out our spread to feast your eyes on what Utama and his fellow contestants dreamed up for the runway show.

bazaar newgen 2016
William Utama’s winning collection. Photographed by Gan

Readers, take charge this year. Load up on lucky charms, work on that Angel body and fill your mind with ideas and creativity — 2017 is going to be a blast. Happy New Year!

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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