SB0615_Cover_150dp_RAYi“In my 12 years at the magazine, I would never have thought of shooting a social media influencer/blogger/Instagrammer for the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR. But my mind changed a couple of years back when I saw the power of social media influencers. Not only were they knocking my fellow editors off their front-row seats (I held on to mine resolutely!), they were garnering as much (if not more) attention than the stars who attended the shows. Then, they suddenly started appearing in brand campaigns, fashion collaborations and at all the key fashion and beauty events.

They captured the zeitgeist and were being fêted in the same way celebrities were—though in a more real sense. I remember when I first talked to Chiara at the Paris-Dubai Métiers d’Art cruise show in Dubai; she was so sweet and approachable when I chatted to her about… well, our matching Moschino French Fries phone covers for one. Within minutes we were exchanging phone numbers and Instagram accounts. This set me thinking: If 81-year-old Karl Lagerfeld has invited Chiara to his global shows, then that must be something, right? It took me nearly a year to get Chiara on the cover. And I sealed the deal with a special focus on social media, which is peppered throughout the magazine.

We made personally autographed Chiara t-shirts (kudos to our Digital Writer, Ridhwan Sesapar), which readers can win through our exclusive web contest at We created a hashtag and we spent a good portion of the shoot doing all sorts of zany things that one does with a BFF at a photo shoot. That’s how comfortable The Blonde Salad made everyone feel. Associate Fashion News Editor, Gerald Tan, just a week into his new job at BAZAAR, had a riot chatting to her about fashion, fame and world domination (on page 124). I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Here’s an instance of social climbing I love being associated with. Now, that’s something you don’t hear me say everyday.”—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief

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