Kenneth Goh
Kenneth Goh (Photo: The Great Room)

The definition of work has evolved over the years. Just 10 years ago, who’d have thought that an “Influencer” and “Social Media Manager” could be legit career choices? 

But the coronavirus has drastically changed how we view work, and perhaps even permanently reshaped many aspects of how we work. 

Despite all that, work can still be enjoyable, if you truly love what you do.

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“Give thanks for what we have, because it’s truly bountiful”.

Kenneth Goh

The Great Room — a co-working space inspired by the desire for somewhere to gather, create and innovate rather than merely get things done — recently launched a campaign titled #GreatMindsNeverThinkAlike to highlight how multifaceted work can be. The objective? To offer a glimpse of how some of the greatest thought leaders in Singapore conduct their businesses and what inspires them to be the best in their fields.

Here, Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore’s Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh shares what work means to him, and the things that inspire and spur him on when the going gets tough.

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Gardens By the Bay
Photo: Kenneth Goh

Morning walks at MBS/Promenade and celery juice with ginger for a morning pick me up.


Diana Vreeland
Diana Vreeland (Photo: Getty Images)

As one of the pioneering editors at Harper’s Bazaar, Diana Vreeland brought a team that curated and created some of the most arresting images that we still use as style references today.

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Mountain Monastery Bhutan
Photo: Getty Images

Bhutan was incredible because the energy is second to none and the people and the spirit of the land is so refreshing and enlightening. It’s not known for its happiness index for nothing.


Donna Summer
Photo: Getty Images

If I am having a really challenging day, I will reset by playing Donna Summer really loud in the shower and dancing like I just don’t care!


Tennis racquets and balls lying on court
Photo: Getty Images

If I could improve my tennis game, I would love to have been a tennis pro.

To read more about #GreatMindsNeverThinkAlike campaign, click here.