lucky blue smith pyper america smith
(On her) Shearling jacket; denim jeans; leather boots, Coach 1941. Cotton t-shirt, Re/done. (On him) Leather jacket; denim jeans; metal ring; leather boots, Coach 1941. Cotton t-shirt, Re/done. Watch, Cartier

What constitutes blonde ambition today? Could it be the stunning model who’s a fashion ingenue and budding actress set to take on Hollywood? Or is it the handsome runway heartthrob who has embarked on a new chapter of life as a father? Pyper America, 21, and Lucky Blue Smith, 20, are siblings whose success story can be attributed to the good ol’ combination of great genes, immense talent, fortunate timing and solid work ethics.

Unlike their contemporaries, whose popularity can be partly attributed to their famous last names, the Smiths’ rise to stardom is also fuelled by technology. Lucky—whose appearance at fashion weeks has been known to cause a stir outside the shows—has 3.3 million Instagram followers tracking his journey as a caring to his one-year-old daughter, Gravity.

Meanwhile, Pyper America has utilised the social media giant’s network to create, an off-shoot Instagram account of short video clips that show her in her most unedited self. This digitally-led era has led them to coolly rewrite the rules of the fame game, and change what it means to live the American Dream in this millennium.

In this exclusive interview, the Smiths discuss their favourite brother-sister memories, pet peeves and living in each other’s shoes.

lucky blue smith pyper america smith
Leather jacket; denim jeans; metal ring; leather boots, Coach 1941. Cotton t-shirt, Re/done. Watch, Cartier

Congratulations Lucky on the birth of Gravity. How are you so far?

Lucky Blue (L): Thank you so much! It has been a blast. It’s seriously the coolest experience one can ever have, honestly. The best thing about fatherhood is being able to watch her learn new things and teach her as well. It’s just incredible when you see her doing something she has never done before.

Now that you’re a father, what kind of family do you want to build for yourself?

L: Just a very open, loving, and accepting family. One where we’re all best friends and know we can always count and rely on each other no matter what.

How has fatherhood changed you?

L: The second she came into this world, it put this crazy sense of motivation that I’ve never felt before inside of me. My daughter has also taught me to be patient. That’s the biggest thing—just patience.

lucky blue smith pyper america smith
Cotton sweater with neckerchief; cotton pants; leather belt; leather shoes, Dior Homme

Pyper, how has fatherhood changed Lucky?

Pyper America (P): It is the most beautiful thing watching him be so focused on Gravity. He has a special purpose now—taking care of her. And he takes it more seriously than anything I’ve ever seen him do. I love watching him with her.

What kind of aunt do you want to be for Gravity in the future?

P: I want to be an aunt she can really trust and confide in. I want to be a good example for her. I hope we can be best friends one day!

How would you describe your relationship with each other?

P: Lucky and I are very similar in a lot of ways. And being closest in age to him has put us right next to each other for a lot of things in life, such as school. My relationship with all my siblings feel very sacred to me. At this point, we’re all very focused on our own lives so spending time with each other is my favourite thing.

L: If I need to laugh or if when I’m down, she’s the one that can make me laugh and turn it around the quickest, I think. But I don’t really know how my relationship with Pyper is different from the rest of my sisters because they are all my best friends.

lucky blue smith pyper america smith
(On him) Leather jacket; cotton shirt; cotton pants; metal ring; leather shoes, Coach 1941. Sunglasses, stylist’s own. Necklaces, model’s own. (On her) Printed chiffon dress; leather boots, Coach 1941

Your favourite memory of each other?

P: I just thought of the time when we first moved to LA and Lucky and I had to be home schooled. Neither of us were good at focusing on it, quite honestly it was a drag. But we were in it together and we laughed our way through it. We’d share earphones while pretending that we were doing our school work. I don’t know if that’s my favourite—but it’s definitely a special unique one. I also love being in a band with him. As the bass and drum players, we carried the band. We know each other so well that any time one of us makes a mistake, or he will hit the drums in a certain way, we will look at each other and laugh really hard. I’m actually getting emotional talking about this.

L: I think travelling to Iceland with Pyper to shoot the Moncler campaign was so incredible because we both got to experience this crazy shoot in this crazy environment together. It was just awesome. I’ll forever remember that shoot.

lucky blue smith pyper america smith
(On her) Silk top; pleated silk skirt; leather boots, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Necklace, Chloé. Gold-plated brass ring, Heart of Bone at The Residency Experience. (On him) Suede and leather jacket; silk shirt; suede pants; snakeskin boots, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Cashmere socks, Brooks Brothers. Necklaces, model’s own. Watch, Cartier

What do you love most about Lucky? And your biggest pet peeve about him?

P: I love how he is always unapologetically him—and he has always been like that. My biggest pet peeve…is that he’s not the best at texting back [laughs]. Disagreements are confronted and Lucky and the rest of us are fast to forgive and move on.

L: No matter what I’m going through, she can make me laugh at any moment. And I don’t have pet peeves about her—she is seriously just the best!

Describe each other in three words.

L: “Hilarious”, “creative” and “loving”.

P: “Creative”, “powerful” and “calm”. That is so hard! I will also add “loving” and “inspiring”, too.

Pyper, do you have a nickname for Lucky?

P: All my siblings and I used to call each other “Tina”. I call him “Luck”, “Buddy” or “BB”.

Imagine swapping lives with each other for a day. What will living in each other’s shoes be like?

L: I don’t know! I think it will be a little less hectic. I guess it would be pretty interesting to experience what it’s like to be a girl for a day [laughs].

P: I think the experience will be tiring. He works so hard taking care of Gravity and traveling all over the world.

lucky blue smith pyper america smith
(On him) Knit sweater; cotton pants; leather boots, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. Silver necklaces, Tiffany & Co. (On her) Cotton dress, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. Silver bangles, Tiffany & Co.

How do you want the world to really remember you?

L: I want the world to remember me as someone who inspired others to follow their dreams. If you want something, the person that is stopping that from happening is you. Be yourself. Don’t take “No” for an answer. And always push yourself to do things you didn’t think you were able to do.

What do you stand for, Pyper?

P: I stand for individuality, equality, love and passion. I stand for living your truth. And I stand for myself.

“Authenticity” is a word that’s often tossed about when talking about social media. How do you define the term?

P: To me, “authenticity” means raw and real. Unedited. Very often, we think we’re getting a glimpse of something real life on social media. But it’s actually the edited highlight reel.

What keeps you grounded?

P: Having the right mindset and perspectives keep me grounded. I think the point of life is to learn, grow and love everyone. I can get caught up on the material or the unimportant things easily, but when I realise that I’m just a speck on a planet that could stop spinning at any moment, I remember to be happy about being able to breathe and be myself. Because I am the only me.

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