There are cup noodles on the cover. Cup noodles, Lay’s potato chips and canned drinks. Let that sink in. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever feature such titbits on our cover, I would think you were barmy. But here we are: Bright, bold and in your face on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR.

These munchies hold such special meaning to us today in a pandemic world. They recall the carefree times of culling the most random snacks from the supermarket to create a whole event at the beach. Times when friends and family can mingle and bond over shared food, laughter and experiences—out in the open, by a picnic table—without having to be concerned about the dangers that lurk with every touch or shared drink. Relive those halcyon days on page 110, where those special moments are captured in a spread we shot in Sydney, Australia (a country that is currently enjoying a relatively Covid-19-free existence). Each image of the 14-page shoot speaks of pre-Covid moments that we all took for granted—happy, treasured memories that we can hopefully start creating once again when Singapore completes its vaccinations. There’s hope right around the corner.

In this issue celebrating fashion, food and fam, we explore what community means to us now. For Kim Jones, who took on the role of designer for womenswear at Fendi at the height of the pandemic last year, “Fendi always stood for family, so when I joined, I wanted to bring the next generation in”. In his London studio, he knuckled down on a vision that spoke of the Bloomsbury Group, Virginia Woolf’s time-bending, gender-changing Orlando and, more importantly, relationships—turn to page 38 to read more about his thought processes. Flip further, and you’ll come to media darling and beauty entrepreneur Kim Lim’s new abode: A larger space she moved into with the purpose of creating a cosy nest for her son. The single mum talks about her new direction in life on page 77 and how she’s focused on building a global beauty empire now. Then there’s BAZAAR Man cover star and celebrity chef Lennard Yeong, who reminds us of how food can be such a powerful uniting force. The handsome chef, whom we captured in the style of a Baroque painting, speaks candidly about how food is his connector to the world and his love-hate relationship with social media on page 67.

Talking about food, how about getting some onto your face to maintain those youthful looks? Turmeric, mushrooms, avocados, kombucha—all the superfoods we love to consume are just as good when applied to the skin; turn to page 108 for some of the must-haves in your skincare now. And finally, a feature that brings joy to my heart: “Version 2000”, which explores the return of the high-octane noughties fashion showcased by girls-gone-wild Paris, Nicole, Britney and Lindsay. Cropped tops are making a comeback, as are chainmail dresses and glamour gowns. If you’re tired of sweats and casual tees, the party-ready, entrance-making clothes on page 36 are best worn on vaccinated bodies looking to mingle and celebrate. Just be safe, not sorry; and no air kissing, darlings. A naughty wink will do just fine.

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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Photographer: Georges Antoni
Stylist: Jana Pokorny
Makeup: Stoj/The Artist Group
Makeup assistant: Sarah Vrouxiou
Hair: Rory Rice/Lion Artist Management
Hair assistant: Stephanie Dell
Producer: Camille Peck/The Artist Group
Assistant producer: Daini Stephenson
Photography assistants: Nathan Lang, Chris Peck, Scott McKean
Digital operator: Max Brown
Prop stylist: Jordan Gogos
Styling assistant: Chloe Moore
Models: Jade Hsu/Priscillas, Daila Melkis/Priscillas, Anjali Torvi/Priscillas, Dan Brown/Chadwick Models, Yvonne Tozzi/Silver Fox Management