You may find it ironic that I’m dedicating this issue to pets. Why now, when we’re looking outward and stepping out of the home into life as we knew it pre-pandemic—dining, gathering and travelling the globe sans masks? It’s because there is no better time than now.

Do you remember April 2020, when Singapore essentially shut down and everyone was forced to retreat indoors to a strange new reality defined by four walls and a door? Some were lucky enough to be surrounded by immediate family—others, not even that. The feeling of loneliness and isolation was overwhelming. Some turned to their partners and family for comfort and support; others sought companionship from four-legged, feathered, furry and even scaly creatures. Pedigree pets became so in demand that they reportedly sold for five-figure sums. And with a practically non-existent social life, many pet owners took to taking their pets out for walks and spent extra one-on-one time with them at home, fostering a bond they might not have had during pre-pandemic days. Taking care of our beloved pets also gave us a sense of purpose and a renewed meaning to life. The endearing unconditional love our pets give us has become the hottest currency and our raison d’être.

Associate Fashion Director Jeffrey Yan’s look at pets in fashion is a fascinating exploration into the cult of celebrity. Twenty-first century designers are superstars themselves and their pets have become an extension of their personalities, with some even fronting campaigns and thrust into the paparazzi’s spotlight. Find out more about this animal craze on page 38. For more cute pets to ooh and ahh over, take a look at our Fabulous at Every Age feature, “You Have a Friend in Me”, on page 54, where personalities such as Jamie Chua give us a peek into life with their beloved pets. Even our own coterie of writers, editors and designers talk about how and why we have surrounded ourselves with animal love for so many years on page 22.

And if you want to marvel at the sheer size and scale of extinct dinosaurs with the most glamorous fashion set against them, turn to “Fauna Fantasia” on page 124, where the ultimate in fashion plays off the world’s most impressive creatures—real and fictional! Finally, in our own animal kingdom, we look at how one brave grandpa upends the social constructs that dictate so much of who we are and how we “should” look: Meet Mark Bryan on page 77, who is turning masculinity on its head by rocking stilettos and skirts. Sixty-something, bald and with the best set of pins, Bryan is one of those rare peacocks this world needs more of.

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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Photographed by Claire Rothstein
Creative direction by Windy Aulia
Styled by Kat Péneau
Fashion: Polo Ralph Lauren
Jewellery: Chaumet
Model: Kasia Struss/Next
Makeup: Lloyd Simmonds/Agence Carole
Hair: Nicolas Eldin/Walter Schupfer Management
Manicure: Huberte Cesarion/Marie-France Thavonekham
Agency Production: JPPS Creative Productions
Producers: John Fanning; Jacqueline Pusch
Casting: V&Y Casting
Photographer’s assistant: Yannick Aleksandrowicz
Stylist’s assistant: Julia Varavkina