karen elson march 2016

Karen Elson! Sorry, but I had to scream that because she is one of my dream girls to put on the cover and I finally had that opportunity this month. I saw her in May last year, singing at a post-party event for Gucci’s first cruise collection by Alessandro Michele in New York.

Her beautiful soft voice, powerful in its delivery, poignant with a folksy-meets-country lilt, transformed her from model muse to diva extraordinaire. She still is an amazing model, as the pictures styled by Windy Aulia on page 230 show—a woman on a luxe road trip to a music festival, guitar in hand and the wind in her auburn locks. Elson sums up the spirit of music and fashion these days: A soft magpie-vintage vibe mixed in with a powerful presence and a sense of enigma.

A woman today is so layered in her accomplishments and goals, flitting from a successful career to being a model wife and supermodel mum. That same woman comes to BAZAAR to know the very best in fashion.

Turn to our Collections Report by Associate Fashion News Editor Gerald Tan who culls the best runway shows for an extensive 44-page report of all the major brands this spring summer. Carine Roitfeld shoots her edit of the season on fresh faces for her 17-page extravaganza, while we explore the fashion obsession with music festivals and how designers are referencing everything these kids are wearing—right down to their muddy Wellies. I reminisce about my love for fashion in music, growing up in London, in this month’s “A Musing.”

Lastly, I would like to honour the style and music of the late David Bowie. I love the fact that he was ahead of his time—visionary in his understanding of how music and fashion could come together in such powerful, modern ways. I have a lot to learn from this protagonist.

Never settle for the prosaic—as in the words of Mr Bowie, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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