This video was specially produced in collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

Adlina Anis

If there’s someone who has seen more facets of the style business than others have, Anis is it—thanks to her prior experience working as a fashion stylist. “I love bookstores and I remember going to [now-defunct] Borders all the time when I was still in school. I’d browse through all the magazines, and I knew then that I wanted to work in one,” she recalls of the time before fashion became her calling. Anis has since traded bylines for her own eponymous line of modest fashion, which puts innovation at its very core. On the growing segment of the industry, she adds: “It’s wonderful. Five years isn’t a long time, but there’s so much progression now and it’s exciting to see how fashion is responding to it.” To Anis, the notion of style is closely linked to beauty: “Beauty is being confident. If you’re kind, I think that’s beautiful, too.”

Stylish Women
Anis wears her own Adlina Anis turban, turtleneck sweater and top. Gold HardWear Triple Drop earring, Tiffany & Co. Photo: Zaphs Zhang

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Photographer: Zaphs Zhang
Videographer: Ewan Lim
Stylist: Sharon Tulasidas
Makeup: Lolent Lee using YSL Beauty
Hair: Edward Chong/Evolve and Sean Ang/FAC3Inc using Kevin Murphy