This video was specially produced in collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

Valli Muthiah

Understated and statuesque with an air of elegance surrounding her, Muthiah is the perfect example of how you don’t need to shout to make the loudest statements in fashion. A Chloé skirt crafted for the best fit, a Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket elevated by impeccable tailoring, or a functional Dior trench coat designed with the needs of the modern woman in mind… The 43-year-old’s discerning choices exude sophistication in their discreet ways. Muthiah cites Antony Gormley as one of her favourite artists and it’s easy to see why: Stripped bare of any unnecessary adornments, the British sculptor’s interpretation of the human body is marked by a subtlety that speaks to her “classically elegant” style. Muthiah says: “There’s a sense of structure to Gormley’s works, and I identify with the clean lines that characterise his sculptures.”

Valli Muthiah
Muthiah wears her own Dior trench coat. Gold HardWear Graduated Link earring, Tiffany & Co. Photo: Zaphs Zhang

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Photographer: Zaphs Zhang
Videographer: Ewan Lim
Stylist: Sharon Tulasidas
Makeup: Lolent Lee using YSL Beauty
Hair: Edward Chong/Evolve and Sean Ang/FAC3Inc using Kevin Murphy