Our Fabulously Pampering May 2016 Beauty Issue Is Here!

Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh introduces the new issue

MAY 2016

What is considered beautiful today? Chiselled features, perfect V-shaped jawline, ski-slope nose, large Bambi eyes and long lustrous hair—these equate to the beauty ideals of many. With aesthetic surgery, the abundance of lasers and injectables, women can certainly attain those looks—if they have the time and money, of course.

While I think it’s wonderful that such options are available, what I am alarmed about is hearing what people equate to “ugly.” A slightly asymmetric face, brows that are too far apart, nostrils too wide, or barely visible cheekbones—the list goes on and on and on. The quest for beauty gets more ridiculous as science and technology make it faster, cheaper and easier to attain perfection. What one would live with in the past and celebrate, they would now remove in an instant with the whirl of a laser beam.

Which begs the question: What would happen if Cindy Crawford listened to her detractors and removed the most famous mole that up to today, is celebrated as a symbol of supermodel fabulousness at 50? Or the hooded eyes of Marlene Dietrich that hid a million secrets and seduced with their come-hither stare—would they have had the same screen intensity had they been large, round and framed by spidery lashes? In the past, imperfection made people work harder to achieve their version of beauty.

Read what Joyce Cheo has to say about beauty treatments and makeup tricks that you can employ to overcome your imperfections and play up your other hidden gems without the need for surgery. Joyce calls them her favourite things, whereas I like to think of them as an old-school approach to embrace your facial quirks. Makeup has come such a long way that camouflage is no longer the prerequisite for a less-than-perfect mien. Colours, textures, creams, highlighters and foundations that fake perfect skin, yet are as light as cotton wool, fill the aisles of beauty halls. Turn to page 112 where we teach you all the makeup guile you need to achieve movie-star glamour. Embrace your physical beauty.

But remember readers, your most impressive assets come from within: charm, charity, humility, kindness and generosity. No laser, Botox or surgery can work that cheat sheet. And thank goodness for that.

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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