Out And About The Streets Of Hong Kong With Song Joong-Ki

Korean heartthrob Song Joong-ki was in Hong Kong recently along with his co-star, the beautiful Song Hye-kyo, for the Hong Kong premiere of Descendants of the Sun. They were here to promote the show for new channel Viu TV. That a Hong Kong-owned and based Cantonese channel would choose to air Descendants as their first drama shows the far reaching effects of Korean Wave.

We had heard that Hong Kong fans respond in real time to the latest in Korean pop culture, but the fanfare was astonishing, to say the least. It took an unprecedented amount of planning, not to mention elaborate strategies, to avoid the armies of fans and paparazzi waiting at every entrance to the Peninsula hotel, where the star was staying—the security detail even suggested a secret passageway. All this just to get the star out on the streets for an hour for the photoshoot.

Away from Seoul, where he freely moved around, Song looked somewhat uncomfortable even though he agreed to every request for a photograph or an autograph. However, the shy star held his composure and took everything in his stride—from the sneaky fans holding their phones at their waist to surreptitiously photograph him while he was tucking into his breakfast at the restaurant, to having to be surrounded by security detail to pass through an open space at the airport.

“It’s amazing how much attention everyone is paying me here, even though they have never met me; or even share the same language,” Song exclaimed in genuine surprise. “Different cultures have different notions of military, and I’m all the more amazed that everyone is showing such a positive response to the show. I am grateful,” he continued.

Humility aside, there is no doubt that Song is all set to ride the wave of global stardom as you can see from these pictures—in style and with cool nonchalance.

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Text by Ahn Dongseon

Photography: Kim Jaehoon
Stylist: Choi Moonsun
Fashion editor: Mirim Lee
Beauty Editor: Hyesoo Park
Makeup: Kim Jihyun
Hair: Lee Haeyoung
Production : Michelle NG/R Production
Location: The Peninsula Hong Kong, China Club, Bibo, The Pawn

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