It’s time for our bumper Christmas giveaway again! And this year, we’ve got eight amazing items for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a 3D2N staycation, or some sparkle for your holiday parties, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what you could win.

1. 3D2N weekend stay at Capri by Fraser Changi City, worth $1,059

christmas 2016 giveaways

Recharge at the high-tech Capri by Fraser, Changi City with its fast, free Wi-Fi, iPad-activated check-ins, fab F&B options at Drinx, Delite or Caprilicious, a 24-hour gym, swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and fully equipped in-room kitchenettes. Don’t miss out on Capri by Fraser’s signature Spin & Play integrated launderettes: Do your laundry (or have it done for you) while you chill out between spin cycles with kickboxing, foosball or Xbox Kinect.

We have 1 Studio Superior staycation to give away.

2. Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer, worth $340

christmas 2016 giveaways

Thinking of framing that cute Instagram photo tucked away in your phone? Fujifilm’s Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer can print high-quality credit card-sized prints from your smartphone in a mere 10 seconds. The printer’s new exposure system guarantees higher image resolution, while new filters and templates mean you can edit and combine multiple images into a single Instax photo before printing. Each set consists of one Instax printer and two film packs.

We have 3 sets to give away.

3. IT Cosmetics hamper, worth $124

christmas 2016 giveaways

Get ready to dazzle with IT Cosmetics, which aims to inspire women to feel confident in their own skin. To look your best at every party this season, try out the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 ($62) to protect your skin while covering up flaws. Add on a layer of anti-ageing Bye Bye Under EyeTM Concealer ($42), which won’t crease or crack. Then, smize for the camera like Tyra Banks after applying the SuperheroTM Mascara (Mini Deluxe size; $20), designed to lengthen and widen your lashes in no time.

We have 10 sets to give away.

4. KKday theme park holiday tickets, worth $1,334

christmas 2016 giveaways

Thrill seekers wanting a theme park getaway are in luck! KKday, Asia’s leading travel e-commerce platforms has tickets to some of the world’s best theme parks. It has 6,000 unique travel experiences
around the globe and offices in seven countries, which means you can plan independent local travels with minimal hassle.

We have 1 set of five tickets for the following theme parks: Everland (Korea), Leofoo Village (Taiwan), Universal Studios Singapore, Dream World (Australia) and Disneyland Tokyo (Japan) to give away.

5. Marilyn Tan jewellery sets, worth $200

christmas 2016 giveaways

One of Singapore’s most beloved jewellery designers, Marilyn Tan makes beautiful pieces inspired by nature, fine art and architecture and her travels around the world. This Christmas, win yourself an MTJ diffusion line set, which contains a pair of Single Pearl Hook earrings, a pair of Yellow Gold Plated Brass Single Flower with a pair of white Freshwater Pearl Hook earrings and one lambskin leather #BFF bracelet with a white Freshwater pearl in assorted colours.

We have 5 sets to give away.

6. Philips VisaPure Advance, worth $455

christmas 2016 giveaways

Getting a facial spa in the comfort of your own home is easy with Philips VisaPure Advanced. It comes with three interchangeable heads: The Brush head helps cleanse skin gently and effectively while the Revitalizing Massage head lets you enjoy a relaxing Japanese facial massage that feels like gentle fingers tapping your skin and helps increase blood circulation and. Lastly, the Fresh Eyes head helps refresh and boost tired eyes.

We have 3 sets to give away.

7. Carrie K jewellery, worth $996

christmas 2016 giveaways

Get a taste of life through the eyes of Alice with Carrie K’s new collection. Inspired by Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Time Gear Pendulum Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold Plated Silver with Red Garnet ($828) and the Small Gear Necklace in Sterling Silver ($168) feature handcrafted gears that represent time. The earrings can be worn three different ways, while the necklace comes in a simple, timeless design.

We have 1 set to give away.

8. TOO FACED makeup, worth $111

christmas 2016 giveaways

Say “yes” to extra-voluminous eyelashes with the Better Than Sex Mascara. The collagen-fueled, all-day wear formula lengthens and curls. No lash gets left behind either, as the hourglass-shaped brush coats your top and bottom lashes evenly. Complete your look with one of 16 matte and shimmer eye colours from the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection, all infused with real cocoa powder and a decadent chocolate scent that delights as soon as you open the palette.

We have 10 sets of Better Than Sex Mascara ($76) and Chocolate Bar ($35) each to give away.

Giveaway ends 31 December 2016.


Full Name NRIC Gift
Si Jie 2850A 3D2N weekend stay at Capri by Fraser Changi City worth $1,059
Dion Lim 3002B Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer worth $340
Gwyneth Ngoh 4782D Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer worth $340
Stefanie Tan 5648E Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer worth $340
Asmay Mariyam 1908 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Brent Merrick 346Q IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Kristine Vinas 032Z IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Lena Dobreci 360D IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Roxenne Holohan 5134 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Saranya Prabhakaran 8455 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
shawn lim 5302 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Tho Bee Tei 6162 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Toh Qian hui 9825 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Xinpei Toh 5540 IT Cosmetics Hamper worth $124
Edeline Chung 5258C KKday theme park holiday tickets for 5 – Everland (Korea) worth $1,334
Fong Min Lim 8797H KKday theme park holiday tickets for 5 – Universal Studios Singapore worth $1,334
Germaine Chan 1532G KKday theme park holiday tickets for 5 – Disneyland Tokyo (Japan) worth $1,334
Lee Wanxin camelia 7990Z KKday theme park holiday tickets for 5 – Leofoo Village (Taiwan) worth $1,334
Siti Sarah 8570B KKday theme park holiday tickets for 5 – Dream World (Australia) worth $1,334
Isabillah Er 431 Marilyn Tan jewellery sets
Mary Ng 7510 Marilyn Tan jewellery sets
Sally Toh 3124 Marilyn Tan jewellery sets
Sun Ng 9397Z Marilyn Tan jewellery sets
Wong Cheng Yi 8766 Marilyn Tan jewellery sets
Charlene Cheng 5489B Philips VisaPure Advance worth $455
Ling Ling Thia 2181Z Philips VisaPure Advance worth $455
Ying Shi Chin 3675H Philips VisaPure Advance worth $455
Emili Tay 9376 Carrie K Jewellery Set
Charmaine Khoo 2712A TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Chen Ting 3962 TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Goh kweemei 8875b TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Jamie Sam 2437 TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Michelle Teo 4956B TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Ong Seow Fang 5064E TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Pang Wenwei 850A TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Teng Kok Ann 9032F TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Verlin Loh 7768Z TOO FACED makeup worth $111
Wong Jia Hui Jessie 6168 TOO FACED makeup worth $111