Jamie Chua, 48, and her Silkie chickens

Jamie Chua (Photo: Cher Him)

The social media star may be more well known for her unbeatable Birkin collection, but she also has a domestic side: Chua loves tending to her nine chickens, who live a “pampered life” (her words) in a waterfront coop at Sentosa Cove. In her day-to-day dressing, she is drawn to classic cuts and flattering silhouettes from the likes of Dior, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and ZIMMERMANN.

What’s your favourite thing about your chickens?

That they’re the loveliest pets without being too needy. They’re also very docile and not afraid of humans. And everybody loves the gift of fresh eggs!

What’s your favourite thing to do with them?

I love watching them lay eggs. It’s definitely not an easy process, so imagine doing that every day. After they lay an egg, they sing a loud “egg song”, like it is a big achievement and that’s just super cute! I also like to pet them and carry them around after their bath.

Suit, Fendi. Bra top; earrings; sneakers, Chua’s own

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Grace Kee, 47, and Emily the Rex rabbit

Grace Kee (Photo: Cher Him)

The entrepreneur, who runs her own private dining service and events company, is an avid swimmer and wakesurfer. Her favourite pieces in her wardrobe right now are her growing collection of swimwear and bikinis, especially ones from Maaji. Having done a stint at the Singapore Zoo, Kee is used to handling animals both tiny and mighty; and the latest addition to her family is Emily.

What’s your favourite thing to do with Emily?

Feed her snacks. We have a garden of herbs and veggies, so each day, we snip a few fresh leaves for her to try.

What’s the most surprising thing about Emily?

I’ve never had a rabbit, so I didn’t know they could be trained like dogs. She’ll come when called and can stand or sit on command—but only when snacks are available!

Dress, Valentino. Bracelets; heeled sandals, Kee’s own

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Aimee Cheng‐Bradshaw, 26, and Riley the corgi

Aimee Cheng‐Bradshaw (Photo: Cher Him)

She’s often dressed in the flashiest runway looks in her work as a model, but off duty, Cheng-Bradshaw prefers something more pared-back. Her go-to is a pair of wide-legged jeans and a tank top; and she loves Jacquemus and Versace for their subtle twists on simple looks as well as their bold takes on femininity. On her off days, Cheng-Bradshaw, who grew up with canine companions, loves doting on one-year-old Riley.

What does Riley do for you that nobody or nothing else can?

Riley helps my mind stop revving on overdrive even if it’s for just a few minutes. He captures 100 percent of my attention; he loves to play and interact, and in those moments, he’s the only thing I can—and want to—focus on, which is such a refreshing break from the day.

What’s the funniest thing about Riley?

He’s weirdly obsessed with the toilet. Whenever anyone goes to the toilet, he’d patrol the door like a bouncer until that person comes out, before he goes back to playing. At the same time, he hates the sound of flushing, so it’s really a mystery what goes on in his brain in those moments.

Jacket; skirt, Loro Piana. Sneakers, Cheng‐Bradshaw’s own

Carla Dunareanu, 33, and Beau the retriever

Carla Dunareanu (Photo: Cher Him)

Dunareanu wears many hats—she is an actor, presenter and musician—and has many pets (a dog, a cat and a bird). But Beau, a dog she rescued and lovingly rehabbed, holds a special place in her heart. Her favourite activity to do with Beau is going to the beach. Dunareanu’s style reflects her active life; a self-professed tomboy, she is most often kitted out in jogger pants, a cropped top and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

What does Beau make you feel that nobody or nothing else does?

My husband is based overseas, so it’s really just me and the animals at home. While Molly my cat and Paco my bird are great company and give me a sense of responsibility, Beau really fills that loneliness void. With his large size and cuddly personality, not to mention the amount of rehab it took to get him used to a home setting, Beau feels more like a housemate than a pet.

What’s the most surprising thing about Beau?

It never fails to amaze me that despite his horrendous past, Beau’s still the most trusting and forgiving dog. He was abused and discarded—one would think he has every reason to be an ill-tempered dog. But the first time we met him, even though he couldn’t even stand, he looked up at us with his tail wagging and the most genuine, loving eyes. Three years on and that tail hasn’t stopped wagging.

Blazer; skirt, Loro Piana. Bra; earrings; ring; sneakers, Dunareanu’s own

Photographed by Cher Him
Styled by Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: Peter Khor (Kee, Chua, Dunareanu) and Wee Ming (Cheng‐Bradshaw)
Hair: Christvian (Kee, Chua, Dunareanu) and Wee Ming (Cheng‐Bradshaw)
Photographer’s assistant: Zhan Hong
Stylist’s assistant: Brandon Chia