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Call me mad as I never thought I would ever be quoting this. Flashback 24 years to the Bolli-swirling, designer-wearing, cussing and swearing BFFs Eddi Monsoon and Patsy Stone from the ’90s British TV hit comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous. When asked about her take on the latest trends of the season, the notoriously drunk fashion editor Stone, a.k.a. the hilarious Joanna Lumley, blurted out,“You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.”

Fast forward to today, and I am actually referencing her on the magazine cover, albeit with a change from gloves (so British), to bags (so Singaporean). Three key items in a woman’s wardrobe that have the power to change her look (and life)—she just has to carry or wear the right piece at the right time. In this issue, we profile six women and their incredible collection of bags, hats, shoes, lingerie, makeup and jackets.

I haven’t been as astute as these women as my collection of fashion probably verges on hoarding than clever investment buys. Still, I do love my Tom Ford for Gucci suits and sculptured Jean Paul Gaultier corset jackets that are from the same era as Madonna’s infamous conical bras. I would never give them up. I do still lovingly take them out every once in a while to clean, look, squeeze into (I was a miraculous size 44!) before promptly keeping them back in the garment bag.

The fashion stories in this issue also proclaim the return of colour, print, maximalism and ostentation. We have stories on the return of the choker and the chandelier earring. There is a wonderful embrace of showiness in fashion that has been missing for so many seasons. I grew up in the days of the loud monogram and welcome their cyclical return in fashion, especially with the logo-licious collection by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe. Read what Gerald Tan has to say about logos proclaiming your love for the brand without you having to utter a word.

If anyone wrinkles their nose at your logo outfit or proclaims you are just too much, hit back with this killer quote from Ab Fab’s delightful Eddi Monsoon, “Why does everything you wear look like it’s bearing a grudge, darling?”

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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