Team BAZAAR Gets Superstitious For Friday The 13th

Because Lady Luck is not one to mess around


Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Harper’s BAZAAR February 2017.

Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief

With new shoes, I’ve always bit the back of the shoe with the rationale that you should bite your new shoes before your shoes bite you back!

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Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Always, always knock on your hotel room door before entering for the first time. ALWAYS.

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Gerald Tan, Associate Fashion News Editor

In general, I try to avoid sleeping directly in front of a mirror when I’m in hotels because of the superstition that doing so will trap your soul.

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Pakkee Tan, Associate Digital Editor

One of the many things I’m pantang about is pointing at the moon. When I was younger, my grandparents and parents told me that if I pointed at the moon, the Lady in the Moon would come down when I was sleeping and cut my ears. It happened to me a few times and I’ve never ever pointed at the moon ever since.

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Dana Koh, Senior Lifestyle Editor

It’s a Filipino superstition to avoid going straight home after a wake or funeral, because if you do, they (i.e. my mother, aunties and grandmother) say the spirit will follow you. So I always make a pit stop, you know, just in case.

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Windy Aulia, Senior Fashion Editor

We have this thing in the family to not open an umbrella inside the house when it’s not raining or otherwise will get a bad luck for the day. It’s weird but technically make sense.

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Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

Aiyoooh, I’m Peranakan so everything also pan tang. Cannot shove chopsticks in rice lah; cannot serve the elderly any food with sharp edges; cannot gift shoes, knives, or clocks without taking back $0.10… Funnily enough, the only one I really subscribe to is to touch wood to ward away bad luck. I get around this by telling myself that paper counts.

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