We all love to rewind with some good old Netflix and the team at BAZAAR can easily attest to this–whether we’re in for a wholesome series, a sci-fi masterpiece, hilarious comedies, or of course, a good drama .

Ahead, we share the current Netflix series we’ve been obsessed with.

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Kenneth Goh, Editor-In-Chief

“I’m a big fan of sci-fi movies and series, and absolutely adore Jennifer Connelly too – and so, Snowpiercer‘s obviously top on my list. The close-ups on her piercing blue eyes, her power shoulders, and perfect pointed stilettos gives this series a fashion slant that not everyone would see. But to me, this series with intrigue, a bit of Mad Max and great fashion is a must watch! There’s only one season of Snowpiercer so catch it over a weekend.”

Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

“It’s not new but I only just started on AJ and the Queen and it’s everything you’d expect from RuPaul. Funny and endearing, OTT and outrageous, it’s exactly what this girl needs at the end of a long workday.”

Windy Aulia, Creative Director

“While waiting for the new season of The Crown to start, I’ve been watching Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee – the title says it all. It’s basically about Jerry Seinfeld driving around with some of my favourite comedians. They talk about the genesis of their comedy, the world, their family, and everything under the hood. Just like two friends chatting and I’m just a voyeur.”

Jeffrey Yan, Associate Fashion Director

“I’ve been rewatching Sense8 , which, IMO, is still one of the most ambitious and beautifully shot sci-fi series ever. It tackles huge structural and societal issues under the guise of a thriller and while yes, the action is extremely exciting and the plot high-stakes, what sticks with you the most is its nuanced, sensitive, deeply human portrayals of its hugely diverse characters.”

Gracia Phang, Associate Style Editor

Unsolved Mysteries. First aired in the US in 1987, the series uses reenactments and interviews to tell stories of, well… unsolved mysteries. Netflix picked up the reboot and the first season is up! Be it paranormal, lost love, murders, or unexplained history, these true stories got me googling frantically after each episode. This isn’t just a documentary of sorts, viewers of the show (in the past) have actually helped solve some of the mysteries! It’s a weird, wild world.”

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Arissa Ha, Senior Beauty Editor

“I’m absolutely obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It originally aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 onwards but there’s a resurgence of its popularity lately as it Netflix picked up the rights to air it and watching it almost a decade after its finale in 2008 proved that a good story can always stand the test of time. Although it’s an animated series, it touches on heavier topics like genocide, war, grief, and PTSD. The series also empowers females, where a main female lead literally fights the patriarchy, while characters with disabilities are never portrayed as lesser or weak. Without giving away any spoilers, I still firmly believe that one of the characters has the best redemption arch of TV history.”

Boon Tan, Digital Director

“This is a tearjerker. Say I Do is a reality show that’s a combination of Queer Eye, Say Yes To The Dress, and a really good episode of Oprah, where couples overcome hurdles to finally celebrate their love in surprise dream weddings led by three experts — in under a week.

I bawled my eyes out at every single episode.”

Stephanie Gracia, Associate Art Director

Dynasty is an American soap opera reboot from the 1980s. The story is all about the Carringtons, a family of billionaires. Each episode is all about the drama of their business, money, power struggles, ongoing issues, new family members, and of course, love. I honestly kind of enjoy watching the twisted plot and the family drama unfold. It’s really just so…. dramatic.”

Navin Pillay, Social Media Producer

“I’m currently rewatching The Witcher on Netflix because…Henry Cavill, enough said.”

Margaux Levy, Contributing Digital Writer

“I’d have to say the last show I watched — and I was really looking forward to it — was the new season of Selling Sunset. In fact, I binged watched the series in just a day and I absolutely lived for the beautiful houses, designer clothes, and of course, the drama. Yes, if you’re wondering, I’m a closet reality TV lover and I absolutely was enthralled with Christine’s insane fairytale wedding!”

Honestly, this show deserves tens across the board, if you’re looking for some at-home entertainment this weekend.

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