audrey hepburn
Artwork by Benjamin Seidler for Harper’s BAZAAR

Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief

I would like to try to do more on ground charity work and do something to give back to a society that prides in its meritocracy which often overlooks the less fortunate and able.

Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

I’m really bad with above-surface-level water sports so this is the year I conquer surfing (and fall flat on my face, trying)!

Windy Aulia, Senior Fashion Editor

Blame it on my Leo’s pack mentality, but never have I watched a movie in the cinema by myself; something to try for the new year.

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Gerald Tan, Associate Fashion News Editor

Exercise is the bane of my existence, but of late it’s hard to ignore my increasing waistline (goodbye metabolism!) so I guess it’s time for me to hit the running tracks…

Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Something new I’d like to try in 2018 is: Skydive!

Dana Koh, Lifestyle Editor

Boxing or Muay Thai. I’ve always been a fan of combat sports, but have only tried high-energy martial arts-inspired fitness classes so far. It’s time to make contact.

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Pakkee Tan, Senior Digital Writer

One new thing I’d like to try this year is to learn the art of cooking Nyonya cuisine! Maybe I’ll start small with something easy like achar.

Joyce Cheo, Senior Beauty Writer

My new thing to try this year is core training. The classes at Surfset Fitness Singapore incorporates core-training exercises with the use of surfboards so it makes training for a lean and strong physique look super fun!

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Annabelle Fernandez, Sub Editor

This year I’m definitely getting into crystals and stones!

Hanan Haddad, Digital Writer

I’ve always wanted to try pilates because everyone who does it look like the ultimate #fitspo. The machines look intimidating but I’m thinking 2018 is the year to bite the bullet!