Power List: Goh Yiping
Photo: Harper’s BAZAAR 2019

Goh Yiping

Partner at Quest Ventures, 37

Meet BAZAAR’s league of extraordinary women. Singapore visionaries under 40, they are paving the way in the tech and digital spheres and proving that the future is not only female, the future is now.

Redefining venture capitalism with her determination, Goh shakes up the male-dominated ivory towers of private equity to transform struggling digital start-ups into viable business opportunities through sheer persistence and hard work. Humorous and self-aware, Goh describes how she’s evolved from a trend-spotter into someone more interested in crafting a legacy of impact.

Three words to describe yourself.

Courageous. Authentic. Fighter.

What drew you to the digital space?

It’s all serendipity really. I was exposed to the tech space when I interned at a US startup. It was my first experience with tech companies and I became curious and instantly drawn to it. That exposure truly catalysed my whole tech journey and I have never looked back.

Have you ever felt that being a woman made it challenging for you in your field?

Not really because I am wired to thrive on challenges. However, that’s not to say it is not challenging at all. There are still unconscious or conscious biases that can lead to less inclusiveness for women when “bros” invest together. In some limited partner networks where venture capitalists like us raise money, in the countries where, culturally, men make the decisions, I prefer to bring my male colleagues along.

Do you see yourself as a trend-spotter—being so ahead of the curve? What drives you?

When I was younger, I was more of a trend-spotter—starting companies early, ahead of their time. Now, I think I’m more experienced, and more measured while still taking calculated risks. To create a legacy of impact on others is really what drives me; tackling new challenges, going on adventures with like-minded people motivates me. Most importantly, knowing that what I do will make my family, especially my children, proud as they look back and reflect on my life is really of the utmost importance to me.


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Photographer: Darren Gabriel Leow
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