Power List: Race and Rhonda Wong
Photo: Harper’s BAZAAR 2019

Race and Rhonda Wong

Co-founders, COO (left) and CEO (right) of Ohmyhome, 36 and 33

Meet BAZAAR’s league of extraordinary women. Singapore visionaries under 40, they are paving the way in the tech and digital spheres and proving that the future is not only female, the future is now.

The Wong sisters founded Ohmyhome, Singapore’s leading digital real-estate portal, in 2016 to allow the direct selling, buying and renting of houses without an agent—instantly changing the way properties are transacted. From business decisions to blood ties, the siblings share on motherhood, drive and what it’s like to work together.

Describe yourself in three words.

Race: Optimist. Creative. Hardworking.
Rhonda: Determined. Kind. Dreamer.

How would you describe your partnership?

Rhonda: Oh, it’s the best partnership! We are like two strong bodies of water that flow as one in this massive irregular container we call life—filling up all the gaps for each other. We love having each other around because we are both very honest. We love to brainstorm, solve problems and celebrate together.

Does working with family make things easier or harder?

Race: Rhonda and I have really good synergy, which we developed growing up as sisters. We know when to compromise, when to stand our ground and how to debate without harbouring any hard feelings. It is motivating to know that she’s charging through the storm with me. Even brainstorming together during our free time is enjoyable too.

What experiences in your life has helped you achieve what you have so far?

Rhonda: Our parents have always been my inspiration. They had so much less as children, compared to us, and yet they have achieved so much. Throughout my growing years, I had the privilege of watching their hard work and good values pay off and participated in their work on weekends. So I was able to learn first-hand what it takes to really make it.

What’s your take on work-life balance, especially since both of you are mothers?

Race: I believe in work-life harmony, not balance, because there can’t be a balance at this stage of our lives where work takes centre stage. I believe in time management and doing things with my heart. When I love my job, it brings joy to my life. I love being a wife and mother too. I find joy in every role I play, and hopefully play them all well.


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