10 Definitive French Style Heroes

From Coco Chanel to Vanessa Paradis, the French women who inspire our wardrobes on a regular basis

Parisian style has arguably been pored over more than any other. The artful insouciance of French women has served as inspiration for many of us who have woken up not knowing what to wear. Of course, the truth is it all comes down to attitude – it might have taken an age to create your perfectly messy hair or to find a navy jumper that is oversized without being too big – but it should look effortless, even if it wasn’t. French style is about having a uniform, and sticking to it, where understatedness and restraint are the stars of the show. It isn’t the most creative of looks, but it’s enviable in its timelessness and apparent ease. Here, we look at the women who have made French chic one of the most famous terms in fashion history.

This post originally originated from Harper’s BAZAAR UK

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