Happy birthday, Naomi Campbell! The Queen of Catwalk has been in the fashion industry for more than three decades, and if you thought she was going to sit down, think again! In recent years, Campbell has relaunched herself as the stony-eyed reality TV judge and mentor for her hit show, The Face, where she dispenses fierce one-liners and reduces aspiring models to tears and is STILL booking major runways and magazine covers worldwide. In honour of her 45th birthday, we want to celebrate the Queen herself and revisit some of her fabulous qualities and recent moments. Keep werking, Naomi!

1. She will keep you in line like a mother 

On her Oxygen hit show, The Face, Naomi mentors aspiring supermodels, but has to still put up with some of their petty antics. But, Momma Naomi sure knows when to shut you down.

2. …But will encourage us when we want to walk like her


We know we’re not the only ones who’ve tried doing her signature walk in the privacy of our homes, or in the club. But, we guess Naomi doesn’t mind it either because she’s definitely taught a few people how to serve fierceness.