12 Malaysian Influencers To Follow For Raya Style Inspiration

From traditional to contemporary and everything in between


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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the inclusion of modest fashion from fast-fashion companies like Zalora and athletic companies like Nike, but it’s actually been around much longer than contemporary fashion gives it credit for. The whole theory behind modest fashion is protect one’s modesty, generally females. From time immemorial, clothes have been used to guard ones modesty and it can be interpreted in several different ways from uniformity to religion and minimalism. The most popular association, however, is with religions such as Islam.That said, there’s more than one way to dress modestly, especially with modern silhouettes and colours.

So, in-lieu of Hari Raya Puasa, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favourite modest fashion Malaysian influencers, to give you some inspiration for your Raya outfits.

  1. Nur Fazura

Noor Neelofa

Adira Salahudi

Tasnim Shah

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Abby Asmaa

Farah Dinana

Sherry Ibrahim 

Nadia Annuar

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twas a movie night out! thanks #marvel #disney team for inviting me to the Captain Marvel world premiere! watching captain marvel made me feel kinda nostalgic, i remember my early days getting into music. my first gig as Yuna- i was a young hijabi with an electric guitar, and when i started my first song, i got boo-ed. later in life one of my friends who was at that show, (this was before we became friends) admitted he was one of them- he booed because he couldn’t accept it. a tudung girl with a guitar? on stage? no way- he just couldnt, he said. but ofcourse, he realized he was dumb to think that way.. and also at the time, i was just oblivious to all this. i just wanted to play my music. then i made my name in the music industry- and the amount of men telling me how to dress and what to do?? lol! i still get them to this day. but then again- there were also male-comrades who believed in me. my first bandmates, paan, efry, adil. my fellow friends from @xohchentakux @hujanband who encouraged me to play my music loud and proud. there’s also my father- who got me my first guitar, who also told me to use my gift. and my husband, who continues to support my career, making sure i never quit. i dunno why im saying this but go watch #captainmarvel you’ll find yourself having flashbacks of ppl telling you that u cant do this or do that, or asking u to ‘prove’ your worth (or your love?) and u dont even need to prove them anything. u just do u and surround yourself with ppl who genuinely want to see you succeed and see you use your superpowers to da maxxx #captainmarvel special thanks to @thealist.us @wolkmorais #yunaxchristyng

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Dhani Illiani

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Slithering around,

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Wardina Anuar

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